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Top 7 Bargain skills for Taobao online shopping

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Many experienced Chinese online shopper completely used to shopping on Taobao, as it has advantages of prices and rich commodity categories, thousands of millions of products can be found on Taobao online store. That is to say, nothing you can’t find except what you never think about. Due to this super multiple market environment, most of the online sellers on Taobao usually reduce as much as profits so as to be competitive. Thus lots of online shoppers bargains on Taobao frequently to save money. Here are the top 7 bargain skills from experienced Taobao shoppers for overseas Chinese and foreigners shopping on Taobao.Bargains on Taobao shopping

Skill 1. A good manner is preferential

While you chat with Taobao sellers via Aliwangwang(Taobao online chatting tool for buyer and seller), you should always be in a good manner. Once you compare products in several taobao online stores, you can ask sellers for lower price directly and politely. Most of them may give shoppers a little bit discount or waive the shipping fee if were asked.

Skill 2. Moderate compliments, tell the sellers that you appreciate their products

Everyone enjoys compliments, particularly appreciations for their fruit of hard working. Tell the Taobao online store sellers how much you like the products they sell, will raise a sense of recognition for the Taobao online store sellers, they may feel like finding a like-minded friend more than a customer. But be careful, do not compliment too much or exaggeratively, or you will make a great difference.

Skill 3. Be well known to what you want to bargain

Before you bargain, you ought to get as much as information of the products you want, such as average price around market, a rough amount of Taobao online shops, purchasing cost. When you bargain, you can incidentally make the seller understand that you could get the product from other sellers with a lower price, but you still prefer to buy it from this seller if he gives you a good price. Whenever there is an acceptable revenues, the Taobao store sellers most likely reduce the price.

Skill 4. Diversion tactic

That is bargain for another better product. First, chose another product which price and quality are higher than the one you want. Besides, bargain for it with other skills just you have learned. Then, if the seller make a concession, tell the seller you prefer another product, after having glanced over all goods in his shop. Finally, keep bargaining basic on the good price he give you before.

You have to use this wise skill attentively, otherwise, the sellers would think about you are treating.

Skill 5. Discount for package-purchase

If you want to buy several products in one Taobao shop, you can ask to the seller for discount. Sometimes sellers want to raise sales volume by shrinking profits, as to attractive more and more potential buyer click through to their Taobao shops.

Skill 6. Ask for complimentary

You don’t need to feel frustrated when failed to bargain a good price. There are still many benefits you can ask for. Try to ask for any low price products as gifts, or require the seller waive the shipping fee. There are many ways to save money. Remember it is important to gain the most value with the smallest amount of money.

Skill 7. No need to stick to one bargain

As one particular product may sold by many seller, why don’t you try to bargain with several sellers in a same time. If one seller insist their price, just quit and deal with other else. There is also an additional advantage, sellers probably try to retain you and offer you benefits that you don’t think about.

There the top 7 bargain skills for Taobao online shopping, there’s another advantage for overseas Chinese and foreigners to bargain on Taobao as mostly Chinese people are more friendly to overseas buyers, as long as you bargain for reasonable discounts, usually the Taobao online sellers will agree to offer the discounts to make the deal. Of course, You are welcome to share your practical Taobao bargain skills to help more people shopping quality goods on Taobao.

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