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Taobao international package shipping delivery lines: Canton EMS

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Canton EMS is another professional international shipping lines for Taobao package delivery. International EMS( Global Postal Express & Logistics) provides specific international shipment service by the Postal of countries all over the world. International EMS shipment enjoys the priority in the Postal, customs, airline department worldwide. It guarantees a high quality, high efficiency international shipment service, ensure customers’ shipments arrive to destination countries or regions on time, the shipments include but not limit to international urgent letters, documents, monetary instrument, commercial sample. There is no extra fuel surcharge for International EMS shipments, Canton EMS provides Canton-International Taobao package postal & logistics services, it is a very convinent and money saving for Taobao package China-international shipping delivery.

Advantages of Canton-International EMS Taobao shipping service

Simple charge: the taobao shipping fee is easily based on package’s actual weight, and is settled in RMB.

Stable-efficiency: Taobao package start delivery and hand over to EMS postal & logistics on the collection day, package tracking show on internet the next day, reduce domestic delivery time as far as possible. Guarantee on-time delivery. Taobao package deliver to south Asia countries and regions in 3 days, to Australia in 4 days, to Europe counties and regions in 5 days.

Taobao package customs clearance: High-ability customs clearance service of International EMS, by country postal & logistics.

Taobao cargo restriction: Only general cargo is available, without volume restriction, proper for lightweight taobao cargo with large volume.

Taobao package delivery coverage: With a global network in over 210 destinations. While several countries are blocked postal, such as Netherlands, Chile, Barbados, Ecuador, Guatemala.

Taobao package shipping fee & charge & tariff rate of international EMS

1. Please kindly check Taobao shipping fee rate on our chinese website:

2. Additional charge of international EMS:no charges for remote area, but several countries are blocked postal: Netherlands, Chile, Barbados, Ecuador, Guatemala.

3. Taobao package tariffs of international EMS

According to specific customs clearance fee(Generally, higher fee amount apply to higher value declared goods, it will generate high charge if declared value much lower than actual value). If receiver refuse to pay the customs clearance fee, sender should own the responsibility.

Taobao package delivery time of international EMS

Generally, the package delivery takes in 3-10 working days, not including customs clearance time. (Due to different used time of customs clearance in different countries, it would takes longer in some countries).

Taobao package tracking of international EMS

Normally customers can track on EMS official website after the shipment leaving from TaobaoGuides warehouse: Customers can check on TaobaoGuides Chinese website as well:

Tracking enquiry: EMS accept tracking enquires after 15 collection days, enquire period: within 3 months.

Taobao package volume & weight restrictions

1. Taobao package weight restriction: 20kg restricted weight for each Taobao package, with exceptions if other requirements and restrictions of postal in receiving countries. 10kg restricted weight for packages with fragile and liquid items.

2. Maximum size of Taobao package: The longest length maximum is 1050mm, the longest length plus packaging side face perimeter maximum is 2000mm.

3. Minimum size of Taobao package: The Taobao packing box at least one side length not less than 215mm, and width not less than 130mm, which should be flat. Surface of corrugated board should not flute showing.

4. Roll packing: Minimum size: length no less than 300mm; diameter 60mm; Maximum size: length no more than 900mm, two times of diameter plus length no more than 1040mm.

5. Specific restrictions for weight, size of Taobao packages in the receiving countries postal, should follow relevant policies.

Forbidden objects of Taobao package

1. Objects forbidden to ship and export by countries;

2. Dangerous items such as explosive, inflammable, corrosive, radiation, toxic;

3. Retroactive and obscene publishment;

4. Currency;

5. Objects have bad effect on public health;

6. Perishable items;

7. Living being( except for bees, silkworms, leeches, with complete packing guarantee courier’s and relevant staff’s safety);

8. Inappropreate packing objects, which may cost one’s safety or properly damage other shipment items;

9. Any other objects without meeting relevant delivery requirements.

Taobao package claim settlements of international EMS

1. Damage or losing due to force majeure( except for insured shipments);

2. Taobao packages with forbidden items or confiscated by government apartments;

3. Taobao Packages with complete packing and without open trace, arrived to receiver and got sign off in a correct process, but receiver found damage and losing inside after sign off;

4. Damaged or delayed packages due to customers’ responsibility or shipment items;

5. Without raising a claim in enquiry period(within 3 months since collection day);

6. Damaged Taobao packages due to shipping fragile, liquid, corrosive, glass, applicable to Saudi Arabia, Boliva, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Iraq, Philippines, Sudan, Turkey, Yemen, Lebanon.

7. Confiscated Taobao packages obey the law of receiving countries;

Compensation according to actual declared value for declared Taobao package shipments, partially losing or damage, according to actual losing value as well.

*Final compensation amount according to the Postal.

Accurate information customers should provide for Taobao package shipping

1. Taobao package description

Please declare correct name of goods and quantity. EMS do not accept declaration of gifts and samples. (Without a detailed name of the products, the Postal will not accept your enquiry)

2. Taobao Package declared value

There is no special request for declared value, customers decide the declared value amount by themselves, we do suggest you declare value according to actual value, in case to generate high cost of tariffs or penalty.

3. Receiving address

Shipper must write on the correct information of recipient, such as contact number, receiving address, all the information should write in English, other language is not available. Try not use PO BOX mail address.

Taobao Packing requirements

1. Taobao Packing will offered by TaobaoGuides for free.

2. If customers need packing by yourself, please pay attention that the packing is in good condition, in case package damaged during delivery process. Try not to label anything on package surface except address label. Address label should be in the middle of the packing surface. For fragile, please make sure there is a fragile sign on packing surface.

8 years professional Taobao international shipping experience, TaobaoGuides served hundreds of thousands satisfied oversea customers, thousands of Taobao packages delivered month by month, please feel free to contact TaobaoGuides if you need excellent Taobao shipping service.

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