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TNT Express is a global leading express & postal service provider with headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. The company offers road and air delivery services in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa. The firm has fully owned operations in 61 countries and delivers documents, parcels and pieces of freight to over 200 countries. TaobaoGuides Chinese company has a very good cooperation relationship with HK TNT to offer multiple China-international shipping lines and excellent Taobao shipping services overseas in the past 8 years.

HK TNT Taobao package shipping delivery time

Taobao shipping priority express service: Referenced time 2-4 working days;

Taobao shipping economic express service: Referenced time 3-7 working days;

These referenced time start from Taobao package registered time online( HK TNX received package), end to recipient sign for Taobao package, except for special cases. The delivery time is according to destination customs clearance and airline schedule.

HK TNT Taobao package shipping fee rate

Please kindly check the Taobao package shipping fee rate on TaobaoGuides Chinese official website:

HK TNT Taobao package tracking 

Please kindly check the Taobao package shipping delivery tracking on TNT official website:

Or visit TaobaoGuides Chinese official website if you use our Taobao shipping service:

Taobao package Tariffs 

Tariffs amount of Taobao package is subject to that generated in destination country( Generally, higher fee amount apply to higher value declared goods, it will generate high charge if declared value much lower than actual value).

Taobao package shipping volume & weight restrictions

Please contact with the TaobaoGuides customers service staff for more information.

Taobao Package Forbidden Objects

1. Any dangerous objects, liquid, powder, gambling device, motors, engine that banned by air freight delivery;

2. Objects banned to export by country, such as antique, precious metal, and other infringing products.

Taobao package claims settlements of HK TNT

1. For damage and losing Taobao packages

If recipient found the Taobao package is not in conformity with the quantity or weight, or received damaged Taobao packages, please give feedback to local HK TNT service apartment within 24 hours after you sign for delivery. And apply the reference number registered in recipient’s local HK TNT apartment to TaobaoGuides within 7 working days if you use our Taobao shipping service, so that TaobaoGuides can help to request HK TNT to make investigations and claim for compensation. After verification, maximum the total Taobao shipping fee will be compensated. Maximum declared value should not over 100 USD, compensation amount is proportionally according to the percentage of damage package value and actual declared value, but maximum compensation will not over 100 USD.

2. While all the Taobao packages could be checked by customs, goods would probably partially or even mostly loss, in this case, TaobaoGuides does not assumes any responsibility.

Taobao package information

1. Taobao package description:

When declare package, customers should fill in the correct object name, value of single item, item quantity; Customers should write (Unsolicited Gifts Not For Resale) for gifts; For textile like clothing, customers should fill in purpose, ingredient, technique, and other details; For video and audio, customers should fill in summary, length, time and delivery purpose.

2. Declared value

There is no special request for declared value of the Taobao packages, customers decide the declared value amount by themselves, we do suggest you declare value according to actual value, in case to generate high cost of tariffs or penalty.

Taobao package packing requirements

1. Taobao package Packing will offered by TaobaoGuides for free if you applies our Taobao shipping service.

2. If customers need packing by yourself, please pay attention that the packing is in good condition, in case package damaged during delivery process. Try not to label anything on package surface except address label. Address label should be in the middle of the packing surface. For fragile, please make sure there is a fragile sign on packing surface.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions for HK TNT Taobao shipping service.

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