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Taobao package China-international shipping lines: HK AMRMEX

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Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. It is also a professional courier company in the Middle East area with its international delivery as core business. Its main business covers international express delivery, freight forwarding, domestic express and magazine & newspaper delivery, etc. Its headquarter locates in Dubai ARAMEX group, with an local advantage of flight capacity, Taobao packages arrive in the United Arab Emirates( Dubai) transit center, then transit to the Middle East, South Asia and parts of Africa,  by Dubai Customs. TaobaoGuides works with AMRMEX to provide Taobao shipping service on the China Middle East and Africa shipping lines.

HK AMRMEX Taobao package shipping delivery time 

HK AMRMEX express is the first choice for international cargo delivery to the Middle East countries. With guaranteed delivery time, normal delivery time is 3 working days, advantage delivery time is 2-5 working days. It has significant advantages for Taobao packages deliver to more than 20 Middle East, North Africa, South Asia countries.

Price—-50%-70% discount of AMRMEX official price;

Time—-With guaranteed delivery time, after deliver out the Taobao packages, recipients can receive them in 3-5 days, shorten global business distance as far as possible.

Remote—-There is not any remote area for ARAMEX line, deliver Taobao packages to all countries in the world without remote area surcharge.

Track—-Online tracking available on ARAMEX official website, provides real-time updated state.

HK AMRMEX Taobao packages shipping fee& surcharge& tariffs rate

1. Please kindly check the Taobao shipping fee rate on TaobaoGuides Chinese official website:

2. Volume weight formula: Length(cm) * Width(cm) * Height(cm) /5000, if the volume weight of the Taobao shipping goods is higher than its actual weight, we will calculate the shipping fee with the higher result.

3. Surcharge for shipping battery is ¥3/kg, minimum is ¥20/shipment. It should count additional 0.5kg as the weight for shipping battery documents. Due to additional time like making documents for battery, its delivery time will extend by 2-3 working day.

4. HK AMRMEX can ship brand products, standard fee rate: ¥3/kg, minimum charge is ¥30/shipment.

5. Tariffs amount of Taobao package is subject to that generated in destination country( Generally, higher fee amount apply to higher value declared goods, it will generate high charge if declared value much lower than actual value. If recipient refuse to pay tariffs, it will be automatically owned to shipment sender).

HK ARAMEX Taobao package shipping delivery time

Generally 2-5 days, significant advantages in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and so on more than 20 countries.

HK ARAMEX Taobao package tracking

Please kindly check on HK ARAMEX official website:

Or visit TaobaoGuides Chinese official website if you applied our Taobao shipping service:, track by input shipping number.

Taobao package volume & weight restrictions

Maximum weight for single package is 30kg, maximum for the longest length is 120cm*50cm*50cm; If a single package over 30kg, minimum size for it is 240*190*110cm.

Forbidden & Restricted Objects in Taobao package

1. Unable to deliver any dangerous objects like explosive, flammable and radioactive;

2. Unable to deliver Forbidden circulate objects by countries, such as cultural relics, currency, antique;

3. Unable to delivery liquid, powder, compressed gas;

4. Unable to delivery any banned objects by airline companies and destination customs.

Accurate Taobao package information customers should provide

1. Taobao package description

Please declare correct name of goods and quantity. EMS do not accept declaration of gifts and samples. (Without a detailed name of the products, the Postal will not accept your enquiry)

2. Taobao Package declared value

There is no special request for declared value, customers decide the declared value amount by themselves, we do suggest you declare value according to actual value, in case to generate high cost of tariffs or penalty.

3. Receiving address

Shipper must write on the correct information of recipient, such as contact number, receiving address, all the information should write in English, other language is not available. Try not use PO BOX mail address.


Taobao Packing requirements

1. Taobao Packing will offered by TaobaoGuides for free if you applied our Taobao shipping service.

2. If customers need packing by yourself, please pay attention that the packing is in good condition, in case package damaged during delivery process. Try not to label anything on package surface except address label. Address label should be in the middle of the packing surface. For fragile, please make sure there is a fragile sign on packing surface.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions HK ARAMEX Taobao shipping service as well as other China international shipping lines.

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