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The advantage and disadvantage of Taobao official shipping service

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Last article we introduced top 6 professional Taobao agent service providers and explained why foreigners need a Taobao agent service. Today we will introduce the advantage and disadvantages of Taobao official shipping service in details. Foreigners shopping on Taobao can use Taobao official shipping service directly, it is very convenient compared to other Taobao agent service. The official shipping service dedicated to delivering Taobao packages to USA, Canada and Australia. However, the favorable rate of Taobao official shipping service is lower than 91%, that is to say, there is one customer unsatisfied among ten, and among the 91% favorable ratings, many of them are retained by refunds.  Why so many people unsatisfy with Taobao official shipping service? does it really convenient? I decide to have a try with those doubts.

First, I set an USA receiving address, without any problems here. Then selected some foods from a Taobao store, at this moment, there was a pop-up asking whether to use Taobao international shipping service. Of cause I chose Yes, then many international express companies were shown up. There were the problems, why there was no EMS shipping line? There’s no other choice besides DHL and UPS, but I know that neither DHL nor UPS could deliver sensitive goods like foods on Taobao. Most of common buyers do not really understand the rule of international shipping delivery service for sensitive goods, and even do not know which type of goods belong to sensitive product. If wrongly deliver sensitive goods in improper shipping line, it may most probably be detained or even be confiscated by the customs. There is no customers service staff to remind you which things you can not deliver.

I finally understand why there are so many compliants in the Taobao official shipping store. Before shipping Taobao goods to overseas, the Taobao official shipping service just let buyers select shipping lines directly without any communication. Yet customers do not know that international shipping delivery is quite complicated than domestic express. There are so many restrictions like tariffs policy, sensitive goods, forbidden objects, customer service. Furthermore, different countries and regions have their different rules and policy. There’s no wonder why Taobao official shipping service get so many negative ratings. They just played a traffic channel role instead of providing professional Taobao shipping service.

If we luckily enough bought products didn’t belong to sensitive cargo( snacks, cosmetics, digitals, etc.) on Taobao, they will be directly shipping out after arriving in the shipping warehouse. There are still more questions for Taobao international shipping. Does the goods need to be consolidated? Did they remove the packing before shipping out? Is there any measures to protect the goods? There are so many questions. Where to find a customer service staff to consult? Did they tell the customers the potential issues during shipping? Having viewed the customer comments in Taobao official shipping store, I knew there is no any notifications for the Taobao official shipping service. While they receive your packages, they uniformly remove the outer packing, then pack all your items into a big box to send out. It is definitely convenient, but it is convenient for the shipping company, they saved lots of customers service inquiries but customers have lots of compliants instead.

I believe there are many other issues with the Taobao official shipping service which didn’t list on customer comments. Shopping on Taobao is an interesting thing for foreigners, however it also brings lots of problems if you didn’t find a reliable Taobao agent service.

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