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Taobao sensitive items list in different country customs

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Foreigners love Taobao badly, there they can buy clothes, shoes, bags, digital products, foods and so on at very reasonable price. However, they have no idea about the customs policy in their country, some items can be shipped to them while the sensitive items shopping on Taobao cannot be shipped to them, which means they may lose money and even bring troubles if foreigners haven’t pay attention to sensitive items, here we sort out the Taobao sensitive items list in different country customs for foreigners as a reference.

Taobao sensitive items list

Personal usage items

For daily personal usage items, Europe, America and other countries generally do not have special restrictions, the personal usage items shopping on Taobao are generally allowed to import, but Taobao shoppers should make an accurate declaration. For the gifts over a certain limit, such as the United States, gifts worth more than $ 50 need to pay customs tax.

General goods prohibition of entry

Customs around the world are generally prohibited opium, heroin, marijuana and other addictive, hallucinogenic goods and raw materials immigration. Of course, you cannot shop those items on Taobao, just for you are a reference.

There are varying degrees of restrictions in most countries, especially the World Conservation Wildlife participating States for animal products, such as ivory, fur products as well as tigers, leopards and other endangered animals, hair, skin, bone products. Which foreigners cannot buy on Taobao according to the Chinese law.

Fresh fruits, vegetables or untreated meat is prohibited to ship to United States, Britain, Japan and other Western countries. Please do not shop those things on Taobao.

books, TV and other printed materials, audio and video products against Islam have more stringent import restrictions in west Asian Arab, Islamic countries.

Items anti-Judaism and destruct the Jewish national feelings, prints are strictly restricted to ship to Isreal.

Sensitive items forbidden by different country customs

Turkey: stones

Taobao sensitive items stone

Turkish local laws have corresponding provisions on stones, and coins, it has even especially severe on combating smuggling of cultural relics, to avoid those troubles, please don’t shopping stones on Taobao and ship to Turkey.

Africa: ivory products

Taobao ivory works

In Africa countries, illegal smuggling of precious animal products worth 200 million RMB, a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and confiscation of all personal property. According to relevant international conventions and Chinese laws, foreigners need to obtain an export license of the exporting country with the ivory works. Just bear in mind do not buy them on Taobao and ship to Africa.

Australia & United Kingdom: meat, eggs, milks

Sensitive items meat eggs milks

The UK prohibited passengers from carrying meat products, dairy and eggs from countries outside the EU. The British Customs said it would focus on examination of part of the country flights, including China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and so on. In Australia, meat, dairy products and eggs also prohibited entry allowed for fruits. Drugs, Chinese herbal medicines are allowed while western medicine will have to rely on a doctor’s prescription.

The United States: Moon cake and fruits

The USA also has immigration rules. Due to many Chinese people in the United States would like to have some moon cakes during the Middle Autumn Day. Shopping on Taobao is the most convenient way.

According to the US Customs regulations, all meat whether it is wet, dry or vacuum-packed cannot be imported; moon cake (especially inside salted egg yolk) cannot be shipped; fruits and vegetables and even peel are forbidden.

If you are unsure the items shopping on Taobao belongs to sensitive items or not, please check the custom rules before shopping on Taobao.

Canada: Plant and vegetables 

Sensitive items like plant and vegetables cannot be shipped into Canada. One of the main principle is that if plants that native born or grown locally cultivated, there may be immigration restrictions. There may have pests, crop threat the local resources.

According to this principle, a variety of evergreen plants, such as pine, spruce, Douglas fir, larch, etc., they were not allowed to come into Canada except from the United States.

New Zealand: drugs

On the Internet, users are asked whether they can carry cold medicine to New Zealand. It is understood that New Zealand government allows passengers to carry drugs, but the drugs are very strict import controls. Passengers carrying medicines to meet three conditions: with Western medicine prescription; Western medicine written proof that these patients need to take drugs to treat diseases or sustain life; drugs still stored in the original package (best intact). Drugs should be carried to the customs declaration, or may be fined, jailed for severe cases.

The above are the sensitive items in different country customs, it may incomplete but please bear in mind check your custom rules before shopping on Taobao to avoid those potential troubles.

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