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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston break-up insurance sales hot on Taobao

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For the Chinese people there’s nothing you can’t buy on Taobao, along with knowing more and more about Taobao foreigners start to wonder this amazing Chinese online shopping website. The latest news is Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston break-up insurance sales hot on Taobao.  Will Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston stay together? Chinese fans bet on pop singer’s love life with break-up insurance.

Taylor Swift break up news

Despite the fact that their relationship has not been confirmed, Chinese web users are already classing them as an item and using it as an excuse to take out insurance on their relationship on China’s e-commerce giant Taobao. Smart Taobao sellers and fans of Taylor Swift are taking out insurance with promising to pay double should she ‘break up’ with rumoured flame Tom Hiddleston.

According to China’s state-run media Xinhua News Agency, people started using Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace, to bet on Taylor Swift’s relationships this week.

Each bet costs 1 RMB. If the pop singer ‘breaks up’ with the alleged new love interest within a year then the buyer will get double their bet which is directly paid into their bank account. One seller says that there have been 543 transactions in 2 days. Another Taobao seller named Ma Jia said that the highest amount someone has spent was 400 RMB($60). One buyer named Xiaoting said: ‘If I bought a million RMB, I would make a fortune. These stars break up all the time which gives us the opportunity to earn a lot of money.’ He said that he wanted to buy more but the Taobao seller refunded him and advised him on a limit.

Taobao break up insurance

To avoid the potential risk, the Taobao seller says that his own shop has capped purchases to 300 RMB.

Of course It’s not only Taylor Swift’s love life insurance available, other celebrity events can also be included in the insurance packages, such as whether or not Katy Perry will win a Grammy in 2017. Pictures emerged on the media last week of the pop superstar kissing her new boyfriend on a beach near her Rhode Island home, before they were seen the next day boarding a private jet together.

According to site Sixth Tone, Chinese web users can also bet on whether or not Katy Perry will win a Grammy in 2017 as well as the TV series Sherlock, which is incredibly popular in China, will be broadcasted in China next year as promised.

In addition, Taobao buyers are also able to bet on their own love lives. There is even a policy for single people where if they meet a partner within a month of placing their bet then they will be given 13.14 RMB, which symbolises lifetime in Chinese. Taobao is really a shopping wonderland for people in the world.

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