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Quickstart tutorials on how to shopping on Taobao

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Due to the language, payment, shipping issues lots of foreigners have no ideas about how to shopping on Taobao smartly. Usually the Taobao online shopping process has 5 steps.  Registration, Product review, logistics and delivery, order confirmation and payment, receive order and leave feedback. For foreigners it may a lot complicated, there’s the video tutorial on how to shopping on Taobao, each step has been described in details in the video.

If foreigners lost something in the video tutorials about the 5 steps to shopping on Taobao, the text tutorials are also available. Just take your time to check the tutorial and start acting on Taobao.

Step 1.  Member Registration 

Taobao Registration1> Select a country;

2> Input mobile phone number;

3> Move the slider from left to right;

4> Agree Taobao ToS and click next button;

2.  SMS verification code

1> Enter the verification code into the online form;

2> Click the “Verify” button to begin the verification process.

3.  Fill personal information and input an email address.

1> Proceed to your mailbox to receive an activation e-mail; Click on the link within the e-mail to activate your account;

2> Congratulations! You have successfully registered as a member. You can start enjoying the shopping experience at Taobao.

Step 2.  Product selection and review

1. Verification of seller ratings

1> Reviews of storefront operations are available at the upper right hand corner of all store websites;

2> The number of crowns represent the number of ratings accumulated by the seller;

3> Ratings are made on these categories: product description/ service attitude/ speed of delivery( Click these categories to enter the seller ratings page and you may view the service and review the scores of the seller).

4> The “Product Details” tab provides detailed information about the products.

2.  Detailed rating page

1> The left side of the website provides information on the seller’s rating history and the number of crowns obtained by the seller.

2> The right side of the webpage provides the comparative data for product description/ service attitude/ speed of delivery and other items between the seller and other similar sellers;

3> Refunds and rights protection history of the storefront from the past 30 days are available in the middle of the website.

3.  Rating from other Taobao members

1> The “Detailed Ratings” tab provides the detailed feedback from other Taobao members who have purchased from the same seller;

2> You may use the drop-down menu on the right to charge the order of reviews based on different specifications.

4.  Product ratings from other buyers

1> On the product listing page, you can hover the mouse over the product to view seller ratings and the estimated delivery time;

2> You may add the product to your “Favorites” or “Saved Items” (Products that are added to favorites will be recorded in the “My Taobao” webpage.

5.  Ratings Chart

Taobao’s website provides ratings for sellers according to accumulated points from transactions. These levels are represented using four different colors and shapes;

Step 3.  Taobao shipping delivery

1. Download Ali Wangwang

Visit the Ali Wangwang website via the right hand side of Taobao’s home page.

2. Install Ali Wangwang

1> Click “Download” on the webpage to download Ali Wangang;

2> Install Ali Wangwang instant messenger;

3.  Instant communication with Taobao seller

1> Select the Ali Wangwang icon at the top of the storefront website to communicate instantly with the seller;

2> Or click the Ali Wangwang icon on the product search results page to communicate instantly with the seller( A blue Ali Wangwang icon represents that the seller is online.).

4.  Launch Ali Wangwang

Please click on “Confirm” when the software launches in a new window;

5. Delivery inquires

1> Use Ali Wangwang to communicate directly with the seller about overseas delivery options;

2> Verify the cargo weight and freight cost calculation method with the seller.

6. Select Taobao shipping service ( Taobao agents)

1> If the seller does not deliver overseas, you may send the product to the warehouse of the Taobao agents, before selecting Taobao shipping service you can take a look at the advantage and disadvantage of taobao official shipping service;

2> You may then appoint a cross-border courier to collect the product and deliver it overseas;

3> Fill in the name and telephone number of the recipient and click “Confirm”.

7. Fill in delivery address

1> For consolidated shipping delivery, please fill in the delivery address of the Taobao agent courier in China;

2> If the address as already been filled in previlusly, the system will automatically retrieve the information;

3> Fill in the name and telephone number of the recipient and click “Confirm”.

Step 4.  Order Confirmation and Payment

1. Confirm order

1> Confirm the color/style/specifications/stock and quantity of the products you are purchasing;

2> Click the “I Want To Buy” button to proceed to checkout;

2. Order confirmation page

1> Confirm the color/style/specifications/stock and quantity of the products you are purchasing;

2> Select the method of delivery and confirm the price( The default price of the system may differ from the actual price collected by the seller. You may consul the seller on the details through Aliwangwang);

3> Click “Submit Order” after confirming the recipient’s address and information.

3. Alipay payment page

1> Select the credit card payment tab at the top of the page;

2> For Internet banking, please click the “Select Others” button

3> You may choose to pay by VISA, MasterCard or JCB credit card in the pop-up window( ALL VISA, MasterCard and JCB credit cards issued by any overseas bank can be used( except for those issued in Washington, USA).

4. Fill in credit card information

1> Fill in the credit card number/cardholder name/expiry date/security code of the credit card that you wish to use( All the completed information must correspond with the card user’s information retained in the bank);

2> Click “Confirm Payment” after filling in the user’s email and mobile number( Secure transactions: Alipay provides 3D validation protection recognized by international credit card institutions);

5. Congratulations! Your payment has been successfully completed

Successful payment! Reconfirm that the Taobao agent address and information are correct.

6. Taobao agent process

1> Receive the Taobao packages;

2>Stock in warehouse, check products and remove unnecessary packaging, pack and consolidate your package;

3> Confirm shipping address Pay for the shipping fee to the Taobao agents;

4> Shipping Taobao package from China to your home.

Step 5.  Receive Your Order and Leave Feedback

1. Confirmation of receipt of goods

1> Enter by clicking on “Purchased Products” in “My Taobao”;

2> Click on “Confirm Receipt” button after verifying the condition of the product, Alipay will then release your payment to the seller.

2. Review successful transaction

When the page displays “Successful Transaction”, it signifies that you may leave rating for the seller.

3. Select rating

1> Select positive/neutral/negative and complete the review;

2> Click on “Submit Comment” after providing reviews on product description/ speed of delivery and so on.

4. Requirements for application of consumer rights protection

1> If there is any problem with the goods received, please click the “Apply for after-sales service” button( Apply for after-sales rights protection: When you “confirm receipt”, i.e. after the transaction has been successfully completed, if you want to return or exchange the product after discovering problems in the product, you can enter “My Taobao-Purchased Products” and click the “Apply for after-sales Service” button to submit an after-sale rights protection application within 15 days after the transaction has been successfully completed. If the seller fails to reply within 3 days after the submission of the rights protection application, an after-sales agreement will be established automatically. If the seller does not agree with the agreement, the seller has to reject the application within 7 days and the buyer can apply for Taobao’s customer service team to handle the case.);

2> You are able to review the product again after using it, please click the “Additional Comments” button( If you have already given your review, you will have another chance to submit “addional comments” within 180 days after the transaction has been successfully completed; You can submit additional comments after using the product several times. You will not be able to edit or delete the additional comments after they are submitted. There is a word restriction of 500 Chinese characters and the comment shall have immediate effect. If you fail to review ther product within the stipulated time, you will not be able to submit “additional comments”. (Reminder: Incomplete reviews, for example, reviews without dynamic scoring, will not be regarded as a review));

3> If the seller is liable for any delay in delivery of products or for not fulfilling promises, please click the “File a Complaint” button( If the transaction is in progress/within 15 days after the transaction has been successfully completed/within 15 days after the transaction has closed, you may enter “My Taobao-Purchased Products” and click on “File a Complaint button, to file a complaint against the seller.

5. Consumer protection services

If there is any problem with the goods received, please click the “Apply for after-sales service” button.

The steps above are the tutorials on how to shopping on Taobao, if you want to shopping something on Taobao we suggest you follow the instructions step by step, please feel free to leave a feedback if you confused about the tutorial or you think it is a little complicated and looking for a Taobao agent service.

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