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Top 10 women clothes Taobao Tmall stores 2016

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On the previously article we introduced the 6 tips to shopping women clothes on Taobao, here we will introduce the top 10 most popular women clothes Taobao Tmall stores in 2016 for oversea shoppers as a reference.

Top 10 women clothing Taobao Tmall store

Top 1. HSTYLE(韩都衣舍

The HSTYLE brand was founded in 2008, it is the leading Internet fast fashion women clothes brand, the main style is Korean style, the target customer is 18 to 35-year-old urban fashion crowd. The HSTYLE brand mainly focuses on women clothes, now it is the No.1 women clothes brand in Taobao women fashion category.

Top 2. Angelcitiz (天使之城

ANGELCITIZ was born in 2008, the first global real shot women clothes brand. The relaxy, sweet, mix, practicality and sense of design concept of the brand with different style, categories, focusing on cost-effective and high-quality has been loved widely by female consumers, reputation spread far and wide, now has a wide range of female customer groups.

Top 3. ELF SACK(妖精的口袋

ELF SACK, a women fashion brand closely integrate with young women’s style, a new women clothes brand that won lots of fans when released on Taobao. It focuses on creating an independent, self-confident, elegant, petty and little ambiguous brand image, the target sales group is mainly the 18-30 year-old female with sensitive fashion taste. Street, lady, offbeat, casual, each has its own charactistics; ELF SACK helps you to find idea women clothes meet all your perfect plot.

Top 4. Othermix (七格格

The othermix brand mainly pushes Chinese original design with strong personality style, bold use of color, emphasizing the corset, sexy, punk, rock, natural, mixed and pro-independent elements on women clothes; It makes efforts to create a new popular trend indicator.

Top 5. ToYouth(初语

ToYouth, the world is full filled with my imagination, the style of ToYouth brand is the urban literary clothing with fashion design sense mainly loved by the majority of the city’s literary young women. ToYouth is a rich cultural heritage and literary style to lead the trend of women’s independent designer brands.

Top 6. ChiuShui (秋水伊人

ChiuShui is the leading women clothes brand created by Zhejiang impression Industrial Co., the brand positioning in the group of urban women, the designer through elegant, romantic design methods of expression, the full interpretation of the classic fashion of target consumer groups yet elegant ladies fashion style.

Top 7. Moonbasa (梦芭莎

Moonbasa focuses on brand management, the main brands include: TAYLOR & SAGE, ASTRONOMY, MOONBASA, MONTEAMOR, OCEAN CURRENT, APLOMB, FRIZZ, SUORANG, ING2ING, KORIRL and 20 other brands, covering different ages in different regions of customers consume and property. Moonbasa Covers men, women, children’s clothing, underwear and cosmetics business etc..

Top 8. ESPRIT (

ESPRIT is a global brand that includes design, procurement, distribution and promotion in one of the world’s 46 countries, The “care attitude rather than age” design concept has spread throughout the world. ESPRIT represents a highly motivated, respected cooperation, the pursuit of ideals and life positive and optimistic lifestyle brand; The things ESPRIT shaped for customers, not just the clothing hanging in the body, it is a way of life, a pair of life attitude, a sense of confidence.

Top 9. DABUWAWA (粉红大布娃娃

DABUWAWA, designed to create a sophisticated woman clothing brand formula. Fashion is an invisible door, when you find the entrance, you will be a woman at the fashion tide; and if you have not found the door, do not worry, DaBUWAWA guides you to the right direction.

Top 10. ESEY (逸阳

ESEY founded in 2001, it is a high-end pants professional enterprise that integrates research and development, design, production, marketing as one. ESEY pants accurate outline of rriental women charming and exquisite; perfect interpretation of fashion sense of fashion elements; and a blend of traditional Chinese aesthetics elegance and graceful.

There are the top most popular 10 women clothes Taobao Tmall stores in 2016, copy and paste the store url in the browse and start your shopping journey on Taobao, you will find the best women clothes styles suitable for yourself in this summer.

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