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16 frequently asked questions for Taobao international shipping service

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Shopping on Taobao is always a pleasing thing for the overseas shopaholics although the package shipping from China is not convenient and troublesome sometimes, here we list the 16 most frequently asked questions and solutions about Taobao international shipping service. When there has similar shipping issues you can take them as a reference.

Taobao international shipping questions

1. How long time the Taobao international shipping service usually takes? How to track the shipping status?

Owing to the different destination countries and customs clearance conditions, the Taobao international shipping service usually takes 2-4 days from its warehouse to HK, Taiwan and Macau, 3-7 days to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zeeland. Member can track the package shipping status via Taobao directly. You can login Taobao ->Purchased products-> View Logistics to track the real time shipping process.

Currently Taobao international shipping service only support Taobao packages shipping from China to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zeeland. Shoppers from other countries can evaluate shipping fee and check the shipping delivery time from China via TaobaoGuides Chinese website: by input the destination country, package weight and volume and consult with the customer service for details.

2. What I have to do to merge different shipping orders and pay the shipping fee when they closed owing to system timeout?

Please Click international shipping in the purchased products and find out the products awaiting for shipping and click clear list, Then the product can be merged orders in the products awaiting for shipping list.

3. Why I noticed to pay shipping fee again from the Taobao shipping customer service while the package is on the shipping process?

If you placed multiple orders from the same Taobao seller, they may be divided into several packages sent to the warehouse of the official Taobao shipping agent, but only upload a single tracking number on the background, when the first package arrivals warehouse, warehouse logistics due to receive only a single number, it will be the normal order for warehousing, then the status you see is in storage, after you pay the freight shipping fee the warehouse will arrange shipping, and when the follow-up package arrived, the warehouse need to re-arrange the shipment, and it will produce a new shipping fee.

To avoid pay extra shipping fee, you need to confirm with both the Taobao seller and Taobao shipping agent.

4. When the taobao agent customer service ask me to pay the shipping fee offline?

You do not need to fill in the address of the warehouse when select the Taobao official shipping service, you can simply select the Taobao international shipping agent, the Taobao sellers will deliver goods to the its warehouse, you made a mistake if you fill in the address of the warehouse as receipt when placing order on Taobao, the package didn’t sent to the shipping agent from Taobao shipping platform, so you need to pay for the shipping fee offline and contact customer service to provide your shipping address (next time remember to select Taobao shipping agent directly).

5. When I got package weight restriction message when I merge package shipping?

Since each Taobao shipping agent has both weight and size restrictions for a single package, you may check shipping description page or consult customer service on Taobao, so when you got the package weight restriction message, please separate orders for shipping delivery.

6. Why the Taobao agent customer staff ask me to pay for the warehouse storage fee?

Since there are lots of Taobao international shipping orders in limited warehouse, therefore your packages are free in storage for 20 days, you will be charged 1 RMB/day/package, you need to arrange package shipping as soon as possible. If you do not deal with the package shipping in 90 days, the Taobao agent is entitled to process your order, please be sure to arrange for shipping on time.

7. Can I divide the orders in the same package for different shipping address?

Since the Taobao agent does not unpack orders in the same package, so make sure your orders in the package shipping simultaneously as they cannot be shipping separately.

8. Why there’s no Taobao international shipping service available when I input Hong Kong or Taiwan address?

Because of sensitive items and some large pieces of overweight products are not suitable for China international shipping, so Taobao shield the category on Hong Kong address, at this time, these products cannot use Taobao international shipping service, you can contact taobao agents first, If they can ship the products then you can order them and fill in the warehouse address of the Taobao agents and contact customer service for shipping delivery. Please check the tutorials on how to ship sensitive items from China.

9. Why I got message from Taobao shipping agent that my package is warehousing while it doesn’t shown on Taobao?

It’s the system bug, if this issue occurs, please contact the customer service immediately.

10. Can I cancel the shipping orders to merge packages before payment?

Certainly, in the absence of a payment, you can always choose to cancel the shipping order then come to the products awaiting for shipping list to merge packages.

11. Can I modify receiving address if I input the wrong one?

You cannot modify shipping address on Taobao operation interface, but you can contact Taobao shipping agent to confirm the shipping address with them, they will modify for you.

12. Why I didn’t receive the packages for long time after paid for products?

After receipt of packages by the Taobao agent warehouse, you need to complete the shipping fees payment online, after that the warehouse will ship packages from China to overseas. Please contact the Taobao shipping agent if you have completed the payment but has not received the packages for long time.

13. What information I should provide to pick up the packages?

When you pick up the packages at the supermarket or chain stores, your phone will receive a message as well as a pick up password, you can show the password to pick up your packages.

14. Do I have to pay extra shipping fee when I pick up packages at the supermarket?

The shipping fee will be paid on Taobao platform; you do not have to pay for extra shipping fee when you pick up packages at supermarket or chain stores.

15. What’s the shipping lines and time of Taobao official shipping agent?

You can check the shipping line and time of Taobao shipping agents in the following table:

Taobao shipping agent Shipping lines Delivery time
SF Express Hong Kong 16:00pm
Taiwan 16:00pm
YTO Express Hong Kong 17:00pm
Taiwan 17:00pm
Lequgo Express Taiwan 16:00pm
Singapore 16:00pm
Malaysia 16:00pm
New Zeeland 16:00pm
Australia 16:00pm
4PX Hong Kong 08:00am
Singapore 19:00pm
Malaysia 19:00pm
Australia 15:00pm
New Zeeland 15:00pm
UC Express Hong Kong 18:00pm
Taiwan 18:00pm
HOYOYO Hong Kong 22:00pm
Taiwan 13:00pm
Singapore 11:00am
Malaysia 11:00am
ZTO Express Hong Kong 18:00pm
New Zeeland 18:00pm
Australia 18:00pm

16. What’s the shipping weight and volume restriction of Taobao official shipping agent?

You can check the shipping weight and volume restriction of Taobao shipping agent via the following table:

Shipping agents Weight restriction Volume restriction
SF Express 30 kg Side length<150cm, sum of 3 side length<300cm
ZTO Express 300 kg Side length<170cm
YTO Express 30 kg sum of 3 side length<180cm
Lequgo 30 kg Length, width<80cm, sum of length, width and height<105cm
4PX 50 kg Side length<150cm, Legth+2*(width + height)<300cm

There are the 16 most frenquently asked questions for Taobao international shipping service. Of course there are many other questions as well, please feel free to leave your feedbacks if you have any questions for Taobao packages shipping from China to other countries. Once you select a reliable Taobao agent shipping service, you will find another pleasure when shopping on Taobao.

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