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Tutorials for Australian shopping on Taobao Tmall

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I was heard from my classmates who shopping on Taobao Tmall from Australia with the international credit card a few times, I was thinking it is useless even they can buy everything because of the shipping issue from China to Australia. Until recently I know the taobao forwarder shipping service for oversea shoppers from the internet, fortunately Australia is in the list, I was just wondering if it belongs to the Green hand logistic plan founded by Jack Ma. I’d like to have a try personally anyway. The following is the tutorial for Australian shopping on Taobao Tmall in details.

If you are new to Taobao, firstly you need to register and verify your user account on Alipay, please take a look at the tutorials how to shopping on Taobao in details. Since I’ve had a Taobao account, I only need to login and modify or add a new receipt address in Australia, the post code in Australia only has 4 numbers which is different from the one in China, you can add two 0 in front of the Australian post code. Then you can search products on Taobao Tmall. When you select the products to place orders there will be a popup window to welcome you shopping on Taobao, and suggest the official Taobao forwarder shipping service for you. Basically there are 3 forwarder shipping companies, the shipping fee are nearly the same, you can select one forward shipping service based on the user reviews on their Taobao shop. The shipping fee will be cheaper and cheaper if more Taobao forwarders offer shipping line from China to Australia in the future.

Taobao forwarder Warehouse Shipping fee Delivery time Delivery way
ZTO Express Shenzhen First weight RMB 85/kg, continual weight RMB 26/0.5kg 3~8 days Door to door
Lequgo Shanghai First weight RMB 84/kg, continual weight RMB 28/0.5kg 3~7 days Door to door
4PX Shenzhen First weight RMB 85/kg, continual weight RMB 28/0.5kg 4~7 days Door to door

Once choose the forwarder shipping service, you can continue to place order, please bear in mind the money you paid this time is for the products shopping from Taobao Tmall store. You will need to pay the international shipping fee once the products sent to the forwarder warehouse.

You can choose international credit card as the payment method, input card number and information exactly the same way you are shopping online in Australia. As for the security concern, do you believe Jack Ma and Alibaba group? Go ahead to fill the credit card information and pay. Then you can wait for the Taobao Tmall seller shipping the goods to forwarder’s warehouse which exactly the same with the process shopping online in Australia.

2 days later, you are suggesting login Taobao to track the package shipping. Once the Taobao forwarder warehouse received the products from the seller, the delivery status will be shown warehousing. If you are not hurry to send the products, you can continually buy other products with exactly the same procedure listed above, and then you can merge Taobao orders to save the international shipping fee. Then you can select delivery way, only door to door delivery available in Australia, check it and pay the international shipping fee to Taobao forwarder with your credit card. About 1 week later you will receive the packages shipping from China to Australia. If everything is okay please do not forget to confirm receipt on Taobao.

From my experience shopping on Taobao from Australia, I found the Taobao forwarder shipping service is powerful enough to beat more than 50% wise buyer in Australia.

For example, I bought a full set of CFA books on Taobao Tmall store for 40 Australian dollars while it costs 500 Australian dollars in local bookstore, it equals 90% off. I’ve also bought famous English story books for children which prices are basically on 50% off than Australia.

I’ve also bought a ADSL modern from Taobao for $40 while the cheapest one in Australia costs more than $50. There are other shopping deals on my list.

Younger Jacket $50 include shipping fee, a famous Chinese brand, is it possible to buy a vest in Australia for $50?

Newest Huawei P9 smart phone $499 include shipping fee, which is start from $639 in Australia.

Kindle paper white 2 $130 include shipping fee, which is $150 in local Australia city.

Xiaomi  50”  4K TV shipping to Australia for $1000, is it possible to buy a 50” 4K TV in Australia?

I was planning to buy a set of sofa TV cabinet when the shipping fee is cheaper from China to Australia, only for $200, can you buy a desk for $200 in Australia?

In short, things on Taobao Tmall are really cheap a lot than Australia, in addition to the official Taobao forwarder shipping service, there are also many other Taobao agents has affordable shipping lines from China to Australia for you to take as a reference.

Forwarder Delivery time Weight First weight (0.5 kg) Continue weight (0.5 kg) Shipping fee (RMB)
DPEX 4~6 days 1 kg 70 22 92
South East shipping lines 5~8 days 1kg 80 25 105
Guangzhou DHL 1~3 days 1kg 100 22 122
China EMS 5~7 days 1kg 118 30 148
HK DHL 3~5 days 1kg 123 41 164
HK FedEx IE 5~7 days 1kg 180
HK FedEx IP 4~6 days 1kg 216
HK EMS 5~8 days 1kg 267

Please note:

1. Restricted products shipping from China to Australia:

Sensitive items: Imitation brand, foods, drugs, CD, wood products which all belongs to sensitive items and can only be shipped via EMS line. Built-in battery and second or third line imitation brand can be shipped via HK DHL with extra charge;

Forbidden items: Liquid, powder, battery; Expensive goods: silver, gold, ipad, iphone, explosive, knives, guns and other dangerous goods.

2. Except EMS, the other shipping lines from China to Australia all need to calculate package volume, Volume weight=length*width*height/5000, South east shipping line /6000.

3. The shipping fee from China to Australia is only for reference because it varies month by month, you can consult with customer service on for further details.

4. The shipping fee from China to Australia doesn’t include tariffs, remote area or overweight fee.

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