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Chinese luxury in foreigners’ eyes: Godmother—Lao Gan Ma!

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Foreigners like Godmother—Lao Gan Ma? If you read reviews on amazon in Germany, someone remarked: Weltklasse fur diverse Gelegenheiten (world-class ingredients)

“Godmother” is absolutely “luxury” imports from China, a bottle of “Godmother” abroad, the price is several times of China domestic.

The founder of Godmother chilli sauce said, “I’m going to sell my chili sauce to China overseas, I’m going to make money from foreigners”, many Chinese netizens felt passionated

Before foreign luxury goods in China were selling hot, now Godmother have boarded luxury goods discount website–Gilt, it seems to become luxury in seconds

Chinese snack food Godmother shopping tips

However, some Chinese think Godmother is just making money from Chinese students studying abord. But do foreigners really not eat Godmother? No!

There is a Godmother fan page on facebook of old dopted mother home page, established by Simon Stahil by. Godmother fans from around the world ask the most a question is: where to buy Godmother? Joe Walker: my god! Will you please tell me which website I can buy a bottle of Godmother? I searched throughout Chinese supermarket in Canada , but still can’t find! Help me. On twitter, there are a large number of loyal fans, they constantly post some unexpected collcation of Godmother and food, which really shock Chinese.


David Gagnon: Caesar + chicken + Godmother chili sauce = super delicious!

Michael Boyce: Godmother chili sauce with dumplings, meat, vegetables, tofu… classic!

Lao Gan Ma 3

Jen Haskell: if you only let me use one cooking sauce, I would choose Lao Gan Ma chili sauce.

Nick Lightbody: what is the most conscience chili sauce advertising? – Lao Gan Ma chili sauce is very delicious.

Simon Stahli: Lao Gan Ma was named as”best partner” for leftovers in a food TV program in Korea!

Lao Gan Ma 4

Magnus Grendel Samson Coleman: I love to eat hamburgers and sardines with Lao Gan Ma

Amy Sui: How Godmother goes with a Turkey? Delicious.

Nancy William: Lao Gan Ma match best mashed potatoes.

Lao Gan Ma 5

Ben Whitehead: I used to addicted to Lao Gan Ma, I can take out a bottle of within a week. It is great Lao Gan Ma with stir fried eggs.

Rexarski: Lao Gan Ma with bread is also very good.

Lao Gan Ma 6

In foreign countries, Is Lao Gan Ma old expensive or not?

Media reports, price leads Godmother chili sauce into luxury in a foreign country, originally in the North America Chinese supermarket $2 increase to nearly $12. In fact, expensive or not, depends on how you buy. Earlier this year, spicy cooking professional web site, reported, in the United States, many Chinese supermarkets sell Lao Gan Ma chili sauce, each costing about $2, the locals generally accepted considering it is cheap and fine.

Lao Gan Ma 7

American netizen on social networking sites reported that in Manhattan’s Chinatown, the small size of Godmother chili sauce cost $1.99, big bottles the price is $2.99.

However, online shopping is a bit expensive, it cost is $6 with free shipping on Gilt, now is offline. On Amazon, it is also little expensive.

Lao Gan Ma8

On a shopping site in Korea, Godmother sells for 4500 won, about 24 Chinese Yuan.

Lao Gan Ma 9

Also have netizens reported, Godmother in Korea is also available in the supermarket, the price is 3800 Won (21 Yuan).

Lao Gan Ma 10.

Is Lao Gan Ma owning good reputation abroad?

Amazon is described Lao Gan Ma as bellow:

There is no denying the fact that China produces Lao Gan Ma chili sauce is the most taste rich, it is the most delicious sauce we have ever eaten. Seriously, don’t be misleaded by a wrinkled old woman on the bottle! Deep Fried coke yellow pepper, garlic, onion, stir in the soy and peanuts, all this makes the hot sauce has a complex and multi-layered taste feeling, just plus a little Sichuan peppercorn, stimulate your taste buds…

Amazon buyers MzZavala: this is a dangerous and attractive taste, I warned you! I want to find the similar taste in Sichuan restaurant. I inadvertently see this hot sauce on the Internet, then bought two bottles. There is nothing wrong with my choice. There is a small grain of peanut, crispy and delicious. That kind of spicy hot and soft…

Amazon buyers hot sauce addict: I’ve eaten more than 20 hot sauce, this is by far one of my favorite. Amazon said it “tasty” – I couldn’t agree more. In this hot sauce, chili oil, soybeans, cayenne pepper and peanuts brilliant. The spicy degree is also very appropriate, not like the habanero pepper from South America which the spicy feeling lasts for long, it is more like a   warm, soft, hot spicy

A New York buyers on Amazon: I love it that can not release out from my mouth, I can be directly use jar spoon eat from the bottle

Chinese are so surprise Lao Gan Ma become so popular around foreigners, it just a normal cooking sauce in every family’s kitchen.


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