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Tips of Money matters on Taobao: AliPoint

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What is AliPoint

AliPoint is a kind of benefits for Alipay members, it can be used as cash to deduct Taobao order funds, it can be used in the following scenario:

Use as cash: Use as cash for transactions on AliPay cooperative websites( such as Taobao, Tmall) or use for appointed business by AliPay( like card repay, common cause pay). It can deduct funds according to “Alipoint-RMB” exchange proportional.

Use for redemption: use “Alipoint+cash” or full Alipoint to redeem an appointed product( only once per day).

Use for donation: In the Alipay donation page, use Alipoint for public welfare project. Alipoint can let you give love without spending any money.

Use for lucky draw: Spend a small part of Alipoint to participate in lucky draw, namely to get the chance to obtain one thousand RMB awards, lucky result feedback in the real-time.

100 Alipoint deduct 1 RMB( Alipoint can be used only when total amount exceed 10,  treasure is greater than or equal to the total account set points can only be used when 10, When used in accordance with the integer multiple of 1), shall not transfer nor withdraw.

Alipoint official website:, users can obtain and use Alipoint on this website, in the meantime, users can check Alipoint balance and detailed use, etc.
money matters on taobao-Alipoint

How to obtain Alipoint

Login Alipay account, click on the top left corner【Account assets — – Alipoint】 【Obtain Alipoint】,you can see 4 methods getting Alipoint

Or click the direct link here:

1, Points exchange: User can exchange points from banks and merchants into Alipoint.

2, Consuming rebates: By booking hotel, booking tickets, booking all kinds of concert tickets, attractions tickets, and by shopping, users can get Alipoint for rebates.

3, Task earning: By doing appointed tasks, users can obtain the corresponding Alipoint as reward.

4, Card top-up: Some merchants will give Alipoint top- up cards in the form of promotions and activities.
money matters on taobao-Alipoint 2

Period of validity

If Alipay reminds you there is Alipoint is about to expire, suggest that use it in time集分宝有效期

Validity period is 3 years, since from user obtained Alipoint till the last natural day of the month after 3 years. It will be automatically cleared out if exceed the validity date.

Example: suppose on May 20, 2016 you obtained Alipoint, it will expire last to May 31, 2019, 23:59:59. If you didn’t spend the Alipoint within expiry date, it will be cleared out on June 1, 2019, 00:00:00. If Alipoint refunds within expiry date, the returned Alipoint expiry date will be changed to return date, namely recalculated fro 3 years.

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