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The new Chinese blockbuster brands are popular with foreigners

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Huawei was advertising in La Liga; Hollywood star Orlando bloom was wearing “Warrior” sneakers appeared in the set of “New York, I love you”; A fan page for “LaoGanMa” chili sauce was founded on facebook by “LaoGanMa” fans…Apart from these Chinese products that already  won a lot of mouth of word worldwide, there are many other Chinese brands coming into foreigners’ daily lives.

TV “box”, Chinese mobile, UAV, Wechat…more and more Chinese products have been knowing by people all over the world. From the very beginning, China oversea people just addicted to a few Chinese hit deal, such as “LaoGanMa” chili sauce. Now so many Chinese brands toward the world, not only popular with overseas Chinese, but also begin to lead the consumption trend in some foreign countries.

NO.1 Box

Chinese employees become buyers comes into norm

There are various kinds of “box” in China—It is a HD internet TV box, such as Xiaomi Mi box, Huawei TV box, is very popular in China oversea. Only if you need a box and stay in a place where internet is available, you don’t need a satellite receiver or a cable. Even though in Africa, you can easily watch “Voice of China” at home.

MI-box, xiaomi TV box

Mr. Xu, an employee working in a China oversea IT company for a long term, said that: Every time when Chinese employees return China, other colleagues would ask them to buy Chinese “box”. The small “box” is magical, it has “jailbreak” function, it allows guys here to what the latest TV show in China, and you can watch videos on Youtube, and more, there are huge amount of movie resources. The most important thing is, the price only 300-400CNY, with high cost-effective.

Several of his friends who work in Australia, Africa and other places, found that there are taobao stores selling “box”, they are not only help to download the program, but also provide global mail service. For example, shipping a “box” from China to Sydney by SF. Express, it take 3-4 days and 230CNY shipping fee. But as the fee is not very cheap, many colleagues would wait for Chinese employee back from China and bring them the “boxes”. Only those who really want to get it in short time will place order on taobao to buy one.

There are 6 version of Mi box on Taobao, includes standard version, jailbreak version, exclusive version, and overseas. We can see over 2000 comments on one taobao store, and more than 1000 comments with long review and pictures. There is an overseas Chinese from USA gave a comment saying: My parents don’t understand English at all, and now finally can follow Chinese TV series!

NO. 2 Mobile phone

A tax driver in Indonesia said most of his friends was using “Xiaomi”

Walking in the bustling commercial zone in southeast Asia, you can see ads of “HUAWEI”, “OPPO”, “Vivo” everywhere. Chinese official Data shows that, compared to 2014, in 2015, the amount of exported Chinese brand mobile phone has increase to 110 million from 100 million.

Among Chinese brands, “HUAWEI” has maintained a good sales and good reputation recent years that make other competitors envy. And with the latest blockbuster products like P9/P9 Plus, HUAWEI has achieved its goal in the first half of 2016, selling over 65,560,000 mobiles. In the European market, HUAWEI mobile phone sales have caught up with Samsung’s.

HUAWEI P9, mobile phone blockbuster

Unlike HUAWEI, OPPO and vivo their ads in Southeast Asia is very localized, there is almost no Chinese, many local customers wouldn’t think about they were Chinese brand.

A Chinese telecommunications company employee, Mr. Yuan, when he was going on a business trip to Indonesia, he called a tax after landing. The tax driver is a local citizen in his age of 50s. When the driver knew that Mr. Yuan is from China, he immediately said two Chinese word and sentence: “Xiaomi” and “Only one Child”. Actually, he and his friends had been using “Xiaomi” mobile phone. Mr. Yuan didn’t think “Xiaomi” was so famous in Indonesia, and become the popular event just at the same place of Chinese family planning policy. “Xiaomi” now has become one of the most important cognition of China.

NO. 3 WeChat

There are companies specialize in maintenance WeChat official account.

WeChat business is expanding into emerging markets, for example, India, Southeast Asia and Latin America. The latest figure shows that WeChat overseas users is about 70 million, the actual number of users should be bigger. Some believe that if WeChat could gain traction in foreign markets, will threaten the other dominant social applications, such as WhatsApp, KakaoTalk and Line.

wechat popular with foreigners

WeChat are trying to become communication bridge for the foreigners who want to do business with the Chinese. Mr. Liu who was Assigned to work in Malaysia found that companies which do business with Chinese companies are learning to use WeChat. Their executives are also learning to share daily moment in WeChat.

Mr Liu also said that there was English version of WeChat. Sometimes contact persons from companies would set up a Wechat group for business communication, they were speaking English on WeChat, but WeChat is from China. These years, it comes up with some local companies in Malaysia that specialize in helping other companies maintaining their official WeChat account.

Another group of Wechat user is the overseas Chinese, they need to keep close contact with home. Before WeChat, overseas Chinese mainly use internet phone, although it is very cheap but still need to pay, while WeChat offer free voice call and video call, only internet is needed. Miss Guan who is a Chinese abroad student studies in America, her friends and families in China all are using WeChat, in order to keep contact with them, she uses Wechat as well. And she also uses Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, to chat with her American friends. She found that even in America, there are many Chinese restaurant deliveries support WeChat pay for payment transfer.

NO. 4 Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

UAV is on sale in 400 Apple retail stores

According to the report by IDC “Chinese aerial photo tracking of UAV in the third quarter of 2015” “DJI” has covered 68.5% of UVA market.

From the overseas markets, especially the North American market, “DJI” also is in the first place. Its research and development group has more than 1500 engineers, The xinjiang team has more than 1500 engineers, hundreds of patents in the hands of “DJI”. Now the headquarters is located in Shenzhen China, and it is set to set up overseas research and development institutions.

DJI Phantom 4 is selling in over 400 Apple store

“DJI” the latest UVA “Phantom 4” can be reserve from its official web, besides, you can purchase in Apple Store around the world. “DJI” has sent representatives to Apple store in charge of the “Phantom 4” sales training. It is reported that there are more than 400 retail stores selling “Phantom 4”. This kind of sales model combines online and offline sales channel, ensure the convenience of purchasing. Nowadays, “DJI” has become one of the representative science and technology Chinese brand.

Chinese brand win overseas markets by word of mouth

When people start getting know about a country, they will start with the country’s brand and using the products. Although China has become the second largest economy in the world, there is still lack of global- famous brand. So establishing strong and powerful independent brand, and making Chinese brand products come into foreigners’ daily, is always the major issue of Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs.


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