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Foreign college students love buying sports from Taobao

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Learn from the recent report from media, college students often focus on ways to save money, and Chinese e-commerce platforms like Taobao, Tmall are exactly fit to their demands. Baker, a college student studying in Montana becker county in the United States, particularly love shopping on Aliexpress, he buys a wide range of deals from home decoration to fashion.

Foreign college students love buying sports from Taobao

Many students at Baker University buy sport shirts from Chinese e-commerce exported sites, Taobao is the most popular Chinese online website. Normally it costs $80-$120 for one piece of sport shirt in United state, while only 15$ on Taobao. However, it needs to wait for a longer time, overseas college students still prefer to buy from Taobao as they can save a lot of money. Junior Cory Center is a loyal fan of Taobao, he said he rather place orders on Taobao waiting for three time as much time than spend much money buying things at local.

Center also said: “After the order, the product usually takes 5-6 weeks to arrive, but it’s valuable, because I only spend $15 for a piece of clothe. And after receiving the goods, I got stunned, the material of the sportswear is really good, just like the branded thing. With this experience, I started to buy other products on Taobao, such as sunglasses and posters, a variety of products, it is cost saving! ”

Nevertheless, apart from longer receiving time, there is another problem, that is the products on Chinese online websites may haven’t brand authorization. Most of the students don’t think this as a problem, they don’t consider downloading music or movies illegally is a big issue. Compared to downloading resources, they prefer to buy sport equipments from Taobao. Center is a fan of Manchester United, recently he’s bought a sportswear with a Manchester United logo from China.

How to find foreign online retailers correctly is such an important issue, it is also difficult to find trusted and reliable suppliers. There are several tips for choosing a seller, for example, you’d better be careful of the inventory, the higher inventory level the higher possibility of making a deal. What’s more, it is useful to refer to comments. Generally speaking, it would be safer to buy from a retailer who has more than 80 successful transactions and 12 comments than another who just has obtained 3 successful orders and 1 comment.

One of the hot deals on Taobao is Yeezy Boost, in United State, a pair of Yeezy Boost costs 200$, and it is not always available for sale. But on Taobao, buyers just need to pay 25$ for a pair of Yeezy Boost, though it is imitation. Actually, people can’t see the difference between the imitation and real brand shoes, even the Adidas label inside the shoes looks the same.

Blake Levine, a college student in grade 2 has bought hats, sunglasses, pants, sports clothes and shoes from Taobao, he strongly recommend Yeezy Boost, which is his most favorite deal.

In conclusion, although high imitations selling online make bad effect to brand made companies, it does make good benefit to college students, buying many fashion products on Taobao with low prices.

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