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China Taobao turns me into an online shopaholic

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foreigners Taobao shopaholic

I am Andrea Figueiro, having been in Shanghai for nearly 1 year, now I am totally a Taobao shopaholic. I had never shopping online in addition to buy some movie tickets, everything changed since I came to China. I like to check, feel or try clothes or shoes especially expensive products. Otherwise they may become waste makes my wallet and heart heavily damaged.

However, I’ve bought more than 50 products on Taobao since I came in Shanghai. Big things, small things, cheap things, expensive things, daily necessities or stuff purely from a whim. I bought everything as long as you can name it on Taobao: portable heaters, steamer, laundry basket, sports shoes, chopping boards, tatami beds, duvets, pillows, wall clock, humidifiers and mouse. Recently I start to search some fashion skirts on Taobao.

Now I start to understand why China has became the world’s fastest growing online shopping supplier market ever since I click mouse to check the commodities on the shopping cart every night. According to reports, China has more than 450 million online shoppers which accounted number one in the world, China online shopping goods and services sales increased 20 times from 2008 to 2015 and is expected to continue to grow fastly.

The reason is simple. China online shopping sites are funny, cheap, facilitate and are extremely easy to become addicted to. Among the most popular online shopping sites in China, people can buy almost anything they need or want to buy. These online shopping websites are well organized and interconnected, so that shoppers can easily become addicted. Furthermore, the delivery speed is also very fast; usually people buy things at 11 am in the morning can be received 7 pm at night in the big cities. For online shoppers, this is a very good online shopping experience.

China’s online shopping is also cheaper, especially group buy products on Juhuasuan, a group buy website belongs to Taobao. On Taobao, I can always buy a pair of sports shoes at least 20% cheaper than the physical store. According to a survey of overseas institutions, more than 2/3 of electronic products are cheaper than the physical store in most categories. From computers to its accessories, such as HDMI data lines, the price is 30%-40% cheaper than the store. Shopping on Taobao is more meaningful for the foreigners who doesn’t familiar with the streets in Shanghai in case to getting lost. So far, in addition to a point gap on the edge of the casserole, almost all my online shopping goods are good qualities. But Taobao online shopping is not without any risk, you must remember to tear the receipt that comes with goods before throwing them out. It is reported that because buyers name and phone number and other personal information are printed on the receipt, online shoppers are easily to become the victim of illegal information collector.

In addition, Taobao online shopping in China is basically safe, reliable, simple and fast. With Taobao starts to expand its business in overseas markets like Singapore, New Zeeland and Australia, you will probably follow in my footsteps to become an online shopaholic. You have to be careful.

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