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How to ship Chinese local snack to USA: food package turned into empty box?

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Reported from World Journal, there are more and more overseas Chinese especially Chinese student studying abroad prefer to buy Chinese local snack from China to USA, since the rapid development of E-commerce. Now many American and non-Chinese join into the fans group of Chinese local snack. Most of them have experiences of shipping food from China to USA. However, some of them have suffered from confiscation by the customs. It is a worrying issue for overseas online shopping fans. After all, from individual businessmen to major foreign trading companies see this as a chance to make money, individual businessmen set up online stores on Amazon and Ebay, major foreign trading companies built their American local online websites, one after another are selling Chinese local snack online.

Recently, an ethnic Chinese American received an online shopping empty box which was supposed to be a package with Chinese sauce duck neck. She placed this order half of a month ago on a famous American shopping website, which sells Chinese products. When she opened the package, there is nothing inside the box.

ship food from China to USA

Actually, it wasn’t the first time for her to buy Chinese food on that website, but it was the first time she received a empty box except for a document paper that left by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. According to the paper, she knew that the package entered from the San Francisco customs. As the products inside the box against the laws and regulations of U.S importation, the U.S customs confiscated the products in accordance with relevant regulations. This makes her be confused, as she had successfully received Chinese snack several times before, and thinking of the website is so popular and famous in America, it is not supposed to come up this problem. She doubt that it is because the U.S customs spot check the packages more strictly.

The American shopping website hasn’t given a respond yet, but the director Frank Falcon of the San Francisco CBP public affairs program denied that spot check of U.S customs became strict , he said sometimes the U.S Department of Agriculture may modify the restriction species, then CBP will follow the latest provisions. It would be more strict for animals and plants, though most of them are not harmful to human body, they might carries injurious insects and virus, which threat to the U.S local crops and animals. But seafood is not in the animal and plant category.

However, even though it is risky shipping food, there still are many people buying Chinese food and snack from China and ship to USA. Faya, a Chinese student studying in USA said, many of her schoolmates are doing business of selling Chinese snack, they mostly ask someone bring snack when back from China, them sell the Chinese snack at a high price. For example, a piece of minced pork pancake which just sells for 0.5CNY, it can be sold for 1.5 dollars.

Of course, not all the people are willing to buy high price Chinese snack from those retailers, instead, they will search on Taobao or and buy by themselves. Only the extra thing they need to do is to find a way to ship the Chinese snacks from China to USA. As seafood would be no issue to ship, fish slice, dried shrimps, sort of these snacks are particularly popular.

According to TaobaoGuides shipping experience, EMS is the best way to ship meat products. The spot check is a probability event, the probability of China EMS packages being checked is around 40%. Some American local stores selling Chinese cigarette also choose EMS to ship their products. However, if the packages was checked by the U.S customs, then it is hard to get it back, the customs will mostly confiscate your restricted products.


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