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How to shopping on Taobao from USA and other countries

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It’s difficult for foreigners and overseas Chinese shopping on Taobao or buy Chinese products due to several reasons. For one thing they don’t have Alipay account as well as network bank released by China Bank Union, for another thing product quality on Taobao are varies a lot, they cannot check and return on time, furthermore the international courier shipping fee from China to USA and other countries are relatively high, so most foreigners are willing to shopping on Ebay or Amazon or national online shopping websites. However, product categories, price on the other websites cannot compare with Taobao at all. Thus find a reliable Taobao agent would be the best way for foreigners from USA and other countries shopping on Taobao as long as you are satisfied with 4 main issues.

Communication issue

Mostly Taobao agents located in the big cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen in China. Foreigners can communicate with their customer service in both Chinese and English language. You can ask them any questions during shopping on Taobao, a professional Taobao agent has very strict management on customer service, and they should not only try their best to answer questions in good manner, but also need to solve your problem. Sometimes not all the products you submit to them have stock and bought on time, it may last for 1 to 2 weeks and even more, thus lots of problems happened, exchange vendor, refund, re-order etc. That’s a bit frustrating during the purchasing process. The professional Taobao agent dealing with this issue very well, they have 1 to 1 customer service to serve and confirm with all your requirements. Anything happened in the purchasing process will be noticed on time and give you professional alternative advices with product photos, size, color etc.

Efficiency issue

It takes longer time for foreigners shopping on Taobao than the local online shopping websites. The Taobao agent work efficiency become a big concern for foreigners, it may takes 3 to 4 days for a slow Taobao agent to process order after they submit the products and it may need extra time if the products do not have stock, after all the products being shipped to the warehouse, they also need 3 to 4 days to repack and ship from China to USA, so it takes 4 to 5 weeks for foreigners to receive products shopping on Taobao if they select an inefficiency Taobao agent.

Actually the time can be greatly improved by an experienced Taobao agent, their customer service will confirm with you the budget, color, size of the product first, and then communicate with the Taobao sellers if they have stock and then notice you which products aren’t available and list alternatives Taobao stores, the speed can be greatly improved.

In addition, professional Taobao agent keeps their attention on the national and international holidays, usually the courier service is slower than usual, and they will notice clients to order products in advance to improve the efficiency.

Service fee

The Taobao agent service fee are varies from 3% to 12%, basically there is no big difference between them. Basically it is reasonable to a bunch of products on Taobao to save shipping fee. TaobaoGuides only charges for shipping fee for foreigners wanna shopping on Taobao, no service fee; please feel free to contact us with the products details.

Shipping issue

Reliable Taobao agent provides different routes for Taobao packages shipping from China to USA and other countries based on package net weight, volume weight, shipping efficiency, price and sensitive items shipping. No matter which kind of condition, there’s always the best courier service for goods shipping from China to USA and other countries.

Foreigners can quote with the customer service about the shipping fee with the product name, estimate net weight and volume weight, and then you will have a brief idea which courier service is the best for you to shipping Taobao packages from China.

Once you found a Taobao agent can handle the above 4 issues shopping on Taobao very well, it is a reliable Taobao agent that will help you safely source quality goods and save big money on Taobao no matter you are from USA or other countries.

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