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Why is Supreme so hot on Taobao? Get know before you wear

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Once Supreme launches new arrival, it must be speared through out Facebook, Twitter and other social medias. In China, there countless resellers selling Supreme on Taobao or Wechat. What makes a Western brand so famous and popular in China? Its popularity even lets a man who don’t know fashion well to point out his brand and name.


The reasons why Supreme so hot are easy to find. In fact, this is relevant to the enterprise culture, brand history, and of course its marketing approach. Supreme has been running 22 years since 1994 born in New York Manhattan.

Please know about James Jebbia before you wear Supreme.

Its founder James Jebbia, however he isn’t a fashion designer, he loves skateboard and the culture about skateboard. Actually, Supreme this name was from a skateboard brand.

James Jebbia founded Supreme in April 1994, and opened its first store in the SOHO area in New York. Influenced by 《i-D》when he was a child, James was interested in popular culture and began to engage in related industries after having settled in USA. And then in 1989, he and his friend set up UNION NYC in SOHO area in New York, selling fashion clothing from England and from worldwide. After that, James met Sean Stussy, opened up their flagship store in SOHO, selling goods in Street Fashion topic.


The time James left Stussy, was the embryo of street culture, and was also the emergence of skateboard culture. While under these two main cultures, it made Jame opened a store selling skateboard and HIP HOP products, that was Supreme we now know well.

Supreme classic box logo was drawn from an artist

Those who like Supreme must know that its box logo is the highest holy of all its fans, and among them, white word with red bottom color is the most valuable. And the design inspiration of this crazy driving logo was drawn from an American artist Barbara Kruger. Her works are famous for innovation, she always choose controversial topics as the subject. In the meantime, she love combining images and texts, she is good at using contrast colors, mainly uses red and white, then make it into slogan with Futura Oblique font, which turn them into powerful art works. Combination of she is good at image, text, collage, and choose contrast great colour such as red, white, black and white photography and printing, then selects the Futura slogan Oblique font to make it, using the rich implication of strong image, attitude with sharp words power, show the most personal characteristics of work.


In these 22 years, as the trademark product, although box logo series has been selling and carving endlessly, the prize could be easily up to 300 dollars, especially the red, black and purple box, as they are simple, personalized, outstanding. However, many reseller can always catch up official promotions, and resell them on Taobao to Chinese Supreme fans.



Supreme is so powerful, it can be described as horrible. In 2013 Supreme joint THE NORTH FACE , and launched 3M reflective series, which led a large number of street brand members start to produce 3M reflective products. In the same year, Supreme launched a flower series, even affected Givenchy, sort of luxury brand like this.


Supreme has been sticking to its style, in addition to launching specific joint products in each season, it is more often to design products with social headline events or political satire.

Supreme can always joint some unexpected brands or characters or stars to launch products, and win a large number of following. NIKE, Vans, The North Face, Timberland, Levi ‘s, such brands are its partners.





Interesting is the founder James criticized the reselling phenomenon when he was in an interview in 2002, said that people was buying his products for making money but not for love in his brand. He also said he wanted to create a brand which was affordable for every young people.




As a fan of the street products, of course, is eager to have one piece of Supreme which is difficult to buy. However, its hunger marketing promotion method and purchasing time limit, purchasing quantity limit, is the main reason for the existence of reseller. It is difficult not to be popular for Supreme this time.


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