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Answers of China-Amazon FBA shipping problems

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For goods ship from China to Amazon FBA, many Amazon sellers are directly or indirectly using the top 4 major international express companies shipping them to Amazon FBA. The top 4 major international express companies are UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT, these four shipping lines are called first-flight in freight forwarder industry. Though the formats of their shipping receipts are different, the main contents are basically the same. The shipping receipts refer to waybill, invoice, packing list, inspection and quarantine documents, fire proof, explosion proof, magnetism proof, and so on. And we are only going to discuss the contents on shipping waybills and receipts.

Many Amazon sellers and even many freight forwarders are confused at how to filled in the Amazon FBA waybills, as Amazon FBA warehouse dose not provide any logistics clearance assistances and even dose not have receiving contact information. In deed, Amazon FBA warehouse is just a window, you can imagine it as a robot which has no communication and coordination skills. However, we have to fill in the receiving information such as recipient, contact number, and if there are customs clearance problems, the customs need to contact Amazon and require Amazon to settle the tariffs. We as the Amazon sellers being worldwide, it is limited for us to communicate with the local couriers and customs staffs, then it usually costs irreparable losses.

We need to understand and digest each issue one by one, though it is impossible to avoid all the risks, at least we can prevent us from getting in some common problems. TaobaoGuides, as a professional freight forwarder with 8+ year shipping experience, providing safe and stable shipping lines to Amazon FBA, is going to explain the major issues in the perspective of a third party, all the point of views are balanced.



This is easy to understand, it need to fill in the shipment sender’s name and the location where the shipment ship from. But in the practical shipping procedure, some of the shippers need to make adjustments under different situations, some are normal adjustments, but some might do harm to the Amazon sellers.

Example 1, While we undertake the shipments shipping to EU Amazon FBA, the first journey is from our warehouse to EU Amazon FBA warehouse. At this time, the shipper can be the really Amazon seller, or TaobaoGuides, but this is not a issue. In order to handle the customs clearance problems, we are more willing to leave our contact information. And the second journey is from Amazon FBA warehouse located in German to other European countries, thus, the shipper is Amazon. It’s quite understandable, right?

Example 2, If Amazon sellers ship their goods by UPS, DHL, TNT, and FedEx directly, then there are more deals we need to pay attention. First, shipping by these four Express directly, we need to register an account, and there are two kinds of accounts, one is Trade Account, the other one is Agent account.

Trade Account: The accounts for manufacturers, export traders, cross-border e-commence companies. In principle, these accounts only are available for the traders’ goods. The major international express companies are fond of giving these account to their clients, and the shipping price are lower with better services. If an freight forwarder use a trade account to ship Amazon FBA goods, under normal circumstances, they won’t give the waybill to their clients, as the waybill includes account information, which has certain risks to the account if the information was explosed.

Agent account: the accounts given to the logistics peers, which can help various shippers to ship different kinds of goods, and the account belongs to one logistics provider but not the shipper. However, the major express companies giant to monopoly the logistics market, and in order to catch as many as customers in their hands, agent accounts are under strict control. Furthermore, the price given to agents accounts is not so competitive.

Then naturally, when you ship goods through a freight agent with which a trade account, that means the shipper information filled in the waybill cannot be yours, but is the owner’s of the trade account, so at this situation, the goods dose not belong to you but belong to others on the legal level. That is to say, the ownership of the shipment and the right of disposition do not belong to the real shipper.


For Amazon FBA goods, there is no doubt that the recipient is Amazon FBA warehouse, and the receiving address is Amazon FBA warehouse address as well. Nevertheless, major international express companies stipulate that shippers need to fill recipient and the contact number on the waybill, but Amazon FBA warehouse doesn’t provide any relevant information. Thus we suggest shipper fill in the information of customs clearance subject( will explain later). Customs clearance subject generally is located in destination country, which is more convenient to answer the destination customs’ call. If Amazon FBA sellers or the freight forwarder do not have the customs clearance subject information, that would be troublesome, only they can fill in is a Chinese contact number, which make no differences.


This information indicate the ownership of the shipment which the customs concerns the most: Who is the owner of the goods, and if the owner has the right of importation and exportation, and if the owner has settled the tax. Then a series problems come. From the view of legal level, Amazon FBA is just a warehouse for goods storage, it has no ownership of the goods, the real ownership is the supplier in China, and this supplier is supposed to have the right of importation and exportation. However, not all the Chinese suppliers have this right. At this moment, it shows the value of the freight forwarder who has double-customs clearance service. The freight forwarder is responsible for providing a local company which has importation and exportation right, it need to be the owner of the goods so as to make the goods have quality to export to destination market.

Speaking of this point, the information of importer is easier to fill, if the real shipper has the importation and exportation right already, just fill in that relevant information, otherwise, it should fill in the information of the local legal company in China provided by the freight forwarder, which has relevant rights. And the contact information of the Chinese local company should be filled in the blank of receiving address as well, just in case.

About Fill in the declared value and invoice amount

Many shipper concern this issue the most, however there is no particular calculating formula, we can only rely on experiences. According to our experience, we suggest shipper declare the goods according to 20-50% sales value of the goods, or according to 40-60% cost value. But it depends on what kind of goods you declare, it doesn’t apply to all the goods. If the destination customs considers your goods’ declared value is too low, they will rework on the shipment, and we don’t have many rights to negotiate.

After knowing all this common problems of Amazon FBA shipping, does not mean you can deal with them well, take our TaobaoGuides shipping service as examples, Cheapest courier service for goods shipping from China to Amazon FBA. Each the shipment procecure have to be clear and have all the needed documents prepared so that we could ship goods smoothly from China to Amazon FBA warehouse.

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