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The “Blackout cocktail”—-Four Loko was on sale on Taobao-Tmall

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Four Loko is a kind of canned cocktail which owns a bad reputation, many people call it “Blackout cocktail”, some even call it “virgin-lost cocktail”. “Four” represents caffeine, alcohol, Brazil melon( doping) and taurine( raw material used in energy drinks). Like many people introduce, this cocktail tastes like fruit juice, but we know fair of them will lose consciousness after drinking it. Thus please careful while drinking this cocktail, especially if you are a single lady hanging out at bars.


Such not so positive reviews instead can make this cock to be popular, some people forward this news to their friends and remind their friends to pay attention to Four Loko, but there still are a lot of people don’t believe in its strong effect. While searching on the Internet, it comes up questions about Four Loko: zhihu on “boasts a can of Four Loko fragment color how strong?” 269 under the answer this question, many are the rich experimental measurement: How strong is Four Loko? And those rich in experimental spirit can always give answers:

“Never try this hot cocktail!”

“It is not wine, but poison, ecstacy, aphrodisiacs for sexless.”

“It won’t get blackout, and not be drunk, compared with drinking bear, indeed, head and eyes swell, but won’t feel drunk.”

Believe that many people would like to try Four Loko after watching these reviews. Now you can see 40 pages result while searching on Taobao, some of Four Loko pages have even cumulated over 9 thousands reviews. The manufacturing company of Four Loko, Phusion Projects also finally realized the passion of Chinese for their products, and opened a flagship store on Tmall.

This even has attracted the attention of foreign media, Quartz said at the beginning of report: “The danger of stimulants and alcohol mixture is back – in China.” Then they relayed the news: Four girls in Nanjing China were robbed but not unaware in the KTV after drinking Four Loko.

Quartz’s surprise is quite easy to understand, after all, this cocktail has a poor reputation in the United States. In 2010 the United States food and drug administration (FDA) has issued a warning , pointed out that such a mixture beverage of caffeine and alcohol may make the drinker encounter danger, several states decided to ban the drink. Then Four Loko’s manufacturing company Phusion Projects announced they had completely halted caffeinated version, instead it changed into a pure alcohol beverage.

Although all sellers on Taobao only show the ingredients written in Chinese: ” High-quality malt beverages, fruit juice, volt.” But we can also find some page pictures attached to the selling page clearly specify the product contains caffeine.


But now, according to the results, their Four Loko has been pulled from the shelves, and while type the keyword searching on Taobao, it will shows “ In accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and policies, it is unable to display any related products.”


However, if you search the keyword by finding relevant Taobao store, there are still many available results.


The main point of these words is that, Four Loko formula has been improved now, they has removed those refreshing ingredients such as caffeine from the drink. Anyway, it is just a pure “Fruit flavors beverage” now.

However, due to the former version might still remain on the market, you should carefully choose and purchase on Taobao.

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