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Investigation on the current situation of Taobao Marketplace

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Since Alibaba has launched Tmall, Taobao Marketplace has been marginalized. However, recent two years, Ali group began to refocus on Taobao Marketplace.


“High praise cashback” dose not be prohibited

Recently, Taobao official has conducted a questionnaire survey on the common phenomenon of “High praise cashback”, there are rumors that Taobao will totally ban “High praise cashback”, but according to the latest news from Taobao, “High praise cashback” dose not be prohibited. Basing on incomplete statistics, about 90% of Taobao stores have been providing irregular “High praise cashback” activity. The activity will be launched for a specific period, or for a specific product, it is difficult to  the rule is difficult to grope. As for the “High praise cashback” requirement, is generally requires buyers give positive comment with over 10 words and grade the product of 5 scores. Then send the screenshot to the customers service staff, buyers will get cashback rewards from 1-3CNY. A few stores even require the buyers’ Alipay account and username to give the rewards.

For this common phenomenon, Taobao official latest news is: “Currently Taobao will make reaction for those buyers who use evaluative right to threaten the sellers in order to gain extra interests, Taobao will delete the comments they give. Conversely, the positive comments sellers gain from “ High praise cashback”, Taobao dose not control.” So it appears that, this love-hate “High praise cashback” activity still be exist. The pro is, buyers not only can purchase good deals with affordable price, they but also can gain surprising benefits through this activity. The con is, if the later buyers only refer to those positive comments which might be partial exaggerated, it will be easy for them to purchase dissatisfied products.

Payment within 3 days is still effective

Compared with other E-commerce platform buyers must settle payment within 24 hours, Taobao marketplace is still in the provisions of settling payment within 3 days. It is more humanized for consumers. For example, if you can make a decision that if you need that product, you can place a order first, and then you have 72 hours to consider if you should buy or not. Furthermore, if the product’s price was reduced, buyer can replace the order with another. This situation is generally appear in the “Double 11 carnival” and “Double 12 carnival”, since the promotions are changed frequently. But please notice that this strategy is not always effective, many

Is important to note, however, three days the payment of purchase strategy is not always effective. Many bargains and valuable will be sold out in a very short time, in this case, even buyers had placed an order, but they can’t pay for it because the products were out of store.

Price of “Enterprise store” is more competitive

Along with Ali group attaching great importance to Taobao marketplace, There are many “Enterprise stores” in Taobao market place, they are not C2C but B2C. In current years, many stores had left Tmall but turn to Taobao marketplace as “Enterprise stores”, because the operating costs are less. Because “Enterprise stores” have relevant business certificates and documents, they are more reliable and the prices are more competitive. Then when you purchase some branded deals, apart from glancing over Tmall, you can also have a look to these “Enterprise stores”.


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