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ARAMEX shipping rates from China to Middle East and South Asia

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ARAMEX is one of the best courier services for goods shipping from China to Middle East and South Asia countries, it is fast and stable. The following are the ARAMEX shipping rates and regulations for goods shipping from China to Middle East and South Asia countries.


1. ARAMEX can ship no brand built-in battery products to the Middle East countries except Cyprus; Clients need provide battery information and ARAMEX need charge battery MSDS information fee 2 RMB/KG, minimum 15 RMB/shipment. Meanwhile, the net weight will be add 0.3 kg extra for the battery information and delivery time will be delay 1 to 2 working days due to making the battery information.

2. Clients need to provide original invoice for goods shipping from China to Iran, the HS customs code and made in China should be marked on the invoice.

3. Goods (net weight exceeds 16 KG) shipping from China to Saudi Arabia and Egypt need to provide guarantee letter.

4. Saudi Arabia doesn’t accept replica brands, other countries can ship imitation brands as well as other sensitive goods with 10% extra fee, minimum 20 RMB/shipment, big brands charge 20% extra fee, minimum 30 RMB/shipment. We do not compensate replica brands being seized by customs.

5. Rolex watch, smart phone, powder and food sensitive items as well as liquid, pure batteries, gas bottle, inflammable and explosive items will be rejected.

Original invoice should include Certificate of Origin and HS customs code

1. Middle East countries prohibited photography, sound recording equipment import;

2. Interphone will be rejected by Saudi Arabia and Iran;

3. Goods shipping from China to Saudi Arabia must provide the Certificate of Origin (CO), SASO certification, the goods need to have MADE IN CHINA label (photographic goods are prohibited). Personal package need to provide identity card or passport;

4. Goods shipping from China to Iran need to provide original invoice in triplicate and must indicate HS customs codes and Made in China in English on the invoice;

5. Goods Contains IC or GPS products are not allowed to ship to Iran, the shipment will be forced to return and all related costs arising from the return will have to charge the customer.

The shipping fee doesn’t include fuel surcharge.
Region Country Shipping fee (RMB)
Freight weight 0.5KG Continue weight 0.5KG 16kg+ 21kg+ 31kg+ 51kg+ 71kg+ 101kg+ 301kg+
Middle East Bahrain(Invoice+packing list) 112.2 30.1 47.8 43.1 42.2 40.9 40.0 37.3 contact us
Kuwait 116.1 31.0 47.8 43.1 42.2 39.6 38.7 37.3 contact us
Oman(Invoice) 112.1 27.6 47.8 43.1 42.2 40.9 40.0 37.3 contact us
Qatar 112.1 30.0 47.8 43.1 42.2 39.6 38.7 contact us
Jordan 116.1 31.0 49.9 48.6 47.7 44.5 42.1 40.6 contact us
Lebanon 114.5 31.6 49.9 48.6 47.7 44.5 42.1 40.6 contact us
Saudi Arabia(Guarantee letter) 115.7 34.9 46.5 43.2 41.5 39.8 37.2 34.7 contact us
Egypt(Guarantee letter) 112.7 31.1 51.0 48.0 46.3 44.6 42.1 40.2 contact us
Iran(Invoice) 122.5 30.8 51.3 44.2 43.3 40.8 39.9 38.9 contact us
United Arab Emirates 91.1 21.7 37.3 34.7 33.5 32.3 31.0 28.7 contact us
Country First weight 0.5KG Continue weight 0.5KG 16kg+ 21-45KG 46-70KG 71-100KG above 101KG
Cyprus(No batteries) 115.3 37.9 56.7 55.8 53.3 52.0 46.2
Israel 157.9 43.9 73.8 72.9 71.3 66.2 63.6
Turkey 113.7 36.6 62.5 61.6 60.0 58.2 57.2
Country First weight 0.5KG First weight 0.5KG 16kg+ 21-30kg 30-49kg 50-99kg +100kg
Iraq 166.7 32.3 67.7 56.1 55.2 54.3 52.4
Region Country Package weight
First weight 0.5KG Continue weight 0.5KG 16-29 kg 30-69kg 70-100 kg +101 kg
South Asia India(invoice) 98.5 23.8 42.5 40.7 34.6 33.1
Bengal  contact us
Sri Lanka 102.4 32.8 48.1 46.3 41.2 38.7
Pakistan 114.0 31.3 50.2 47.9 43.9 41.9

Note: Separate customs clearance items need charge extra fees: customs fees ¥ 350 /shipment, pass port fee ¥ 1 / KG or ¥ 120 / square meter and charge the bigger one.

1. The ARAMEX shipping rates don’t include fuel surcharge fee, volume weight calculate formula: length*width*height/5000, if goods net weight is 16 KG, volume weight is 17 KG, it will be charged as the price 16KG+. Single package exceeds 80kg or side length exceeds 3M will be defined as super large goods, please consult our customer service. The fuel surcharge is 8% for September 2016.

2. Countries in Middle East region are acceptable to pay after goods arrived, guarantee fee= 15% of the total shipping fee+ prepaid shipping fee. Minimum fee would be 10 USD. Refund time would be 10th the third month after shipping. Clients need to pay guarantee fee in advance when they choose to pay after goods arrived and need to apply in advance if the goods arrived shipping fee exceeds 1,000 USD.

3. The total weight of multiple packages per shipment will be calculated on the larger one based on net weight and volume weight of each package, less than 0.5KG will be calculated as 0.5KG, more than 0.5KG will be calculated as 1KG. The weight of each shipment will be the sum of the weight of each package. For example:


Net weight Volume weight Billing weight
Package 1 15.1KG 8.1KG 15.5KG
Package 1 10.1KG 20.1KG 20.5KG
Package 1 20.6KG 16.6KG 21KG

So the total billing weight will be:15.5+20.5+21.0=57KG.

4. Single package weight ship to Dubai and Riyadh will be restricted to 100KG, size 180*120*120CM, please contact customer service if you have extra weight or size goods. All personal goods shipping from China to Saudi Arabia, please provide a identity card copy of the recipient and mark MADE IN CHINA words on the outer carton box in order to facilitate customs clearance.

5. For Saudi customs complicated procedures and prone to return the goods with high shipping fee, hence the invoice requirements must be strictly in accordance with the following requirements, or the goods will be rejected:

Original invoice;

Original packing list;

Mark HS customs code on the invoice;

Receipt company registration number;

Mark Made in China on the invoice;

Truthfully declare the value of the goods;

Packing list and invoice should be duplicated with the goods, please confirm consignee clearance capacity prior to shipment and provide consignee identity card copy.

6. Goods declared value cannot exceed USD 100,000 or equal the same value in local currency, if declared value (under-declare value) or custom clearance failed, we can help to destroy or ship back clients need to pay all the related fees.

7. If the goods lost during shipping, we will compensate according to the declared value, not exceeding USD100 (include freight and the declared value). Precious cargo is proposed to purchase insurance.

8. Since there are many transport steps, please make sure that the goods themselves and packaging strength, the sender will be responsible for fragile goods damaged during shipping.

9. If the package contains battery, liquid, powder, medicines, adult products and other sensitive products being shipped as general goods and seized by Hong Kong ARAMEX or airline security, our company does not assume any liability and we will not return the shipping fee. If produced a fine, it should be afforded by the sender.

You are welcome to consult with our customer service if you have goods shipping from China to Middle East and South Asia via ARAMEX courier service.

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