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Chinese couriers keep delivering during National Day holiday as usual!

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Learned from the Chinese local couriers, as the Chinese National Day approaching, all the couriers keep delivering as usual, delivery delay will not happen. However, according to experiences, although couriers keep working during National holiday, there are a lot of people go travelling which leads many failed deliveries, after the holiday, it will be the peak of parcels delivering.


Online selling season began with September

Most of you must know the crazy online shopping carnival—- Double 11 carnival, this is one of the most popular and crazies day in China. Almost everyone shop online placing orders on that day because of various of promotions. Before this carnival, the selling season had already come to us from September, there was a small logistics peak in September.

Delivery peak might come after the holiday

The couriers in China will keep delivering during the holiday, it is absolutely a good news for those like online shopping very much and don’t plan to go travelling, it’s nice for overseas buyers buying from China, it means their parcels will deliver on time to their shippers’ warehouse if they have a shipper. However, many people make good use of this one-week holiday going sightseeing, couriers can’t reach them during the holiday and instead couriers need to deliver parcels after the holiday. What it means is that, shipment volume would be high after the holiday, if you need to shop online after the holiday, it might a little bit delay at a certain extent.


National Day promotions

A lot of platforms see this holiday as a chance to promote. Early in the middle of September, various of promotions related to this holiday has been launching, attracting thousands buyers shop online. If you are living and working in China, and you don’t have many plan going outside, surfing and shopping on the internet during National Day holiday is really enjoyable. If you are shopaholics from the overseas China, this is a also a good time to get some big deals.




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  • Shykema

    Hi, I placed a order that is shipped from china. I recieved a message from the company saying that my order won’t ship out until Tuesday because it’s a national holiday. Is the holiday over monday or tuesday? I need my order before Saturday the 8th. Its a item for my wedding.

    • misscat22

      Dear,our staffs are taking the Chinese national day holiday(1st-3rd Oct),we have a part of staffs on duty to collect the domestic shipments and to store into our warehouse.However,for international shipments,we need to wait until 4th Oct,we will process the shipment once we get to work.

    • Crystal2977

      Sorry to give you the bad news but i was just told my bag from three weeks ago that was already marked shipped weeks ago was never shipped seller also said national holiday all week . I did some research and many suppliers will not be working all week will return Sunday . It just depends on if your supplier has already shipped what process it’s in . If it’s not past China processing your order will not be here in time . I’ve even paid for dhl during holiday and still it came a week after . Normal shipping is 2 -3 weeks as long as the seller doesn’t just mark it as shipped then they don’t for a week or two later .i would go out and purchase something else otherwise good luck

      • admin

        Sorry for the bad news. Actually you need to contact your shipping agent, the holiday may delayed your package but it won’t be that long.

  • Miu

    My order come warehouse at 30August so i need it before 10 October!! It’s possible? Or no??

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