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TaobaoGuides is new in the english Taobao agent business but we have more than 8 years experience serve overseas Chinese and students and earned pretty well reputation and hundreds of thousands positive reviews on our Taobao store and Sina Weibo. If you know Chinese well you can check Chinese reviews on and You will be impressed by the clients reviews.

We’d also like to share foreigner reviews about our shipping service for more potential overseas clients, all of them are real reviews on 3rd party websites and social networks.

[Reviews] Bape Jackets and New Shipping Agent That Takes PayPal

Here’s the pictures.

SHIPPING: The agent I use is /u/TaobaoGuides. I was thinking of doing another haul, 8 items kind of shit. As I was about to go to Basetao to place the order, I bump into /u/TaobaoGuides low key self-promoting comment. The word “no service fee” caught my eyes. It can’t be true, it can’t be right, must be a bait. So I click on his profile, do some detective works, Sherlock Holmes with the wooden pipe type of shit. He seems reputable, figure I hit him up and get some information out of him. We exchanged email back and forth for a few days, he respond pretty fast with an English that’s almost fluent. He don’t even add in the word “friend” at the end of every sentence, God blesses this man. After a dozen of exchange, we move onto WeChat since it’d be faster to communication via that, and another round of back and forth exchange then I decided to test him out because, why not? I placed an order of 8 items, I don’t recall the total cost but he quotes me 456 for the items, paid via PayPal Good & Service. Fast forward a few days, the item arrived at his warehouse, he sent me them QC photo that I didn’t even bother look at. The shit weight like 7.86 or some shit, I don’t remember the exactly amount so let just round it up to 8KG. He quotes me 90 on the shipping, I’m like cool and paid. Fast forward a week or so later, I was curious if $90 is really the right price for 8KG or not, could it been lesser? I go on BaseTao to see what they’d quote me at, the outcome is like 106 USD, so it’s like 110 or more with their recharged system. I’m like damn, I didn’t get rip off, this man just saved me some money. I like that. I haven’t even look at BaseTao the same ever since, ain’t coming back there either.

TL;DR . 8 items that cost 456 USD, weight around 8KG, and shipped via DHL for $90. The agent takes PayPal as payment method.

Don’t fuck with BaseTao, fuck with /u/TaobaoGuides for your China shopping agent.

Product: The jackets are size XL, fit more like a L. The flaws is pretty much the same one that people been pointing out. I don’t feel like writing it out when there are people that been repeating for numerous time now, do your research. By far, this probably is the closet to the authentic you’ll ever get. The zippers are YKK if that helps.

[REVIEW]Mango’s Bred 11s and a new shipping agent

Here are the pictures first:

SHIPPING: My agent, theone, made everything so easy. Initially, I wasn’t even gonna buy the shoes because Taobao was declining my cards and I just had a headache from trying to buy these. Shit, I even asked reddit on how tf do I buy from Mango. Then Theone contacted me on reddit and I set up a group chat with me, theone, Mango, and Monica (mango’s sister). Those mfers started going off in Chinese and sorted that shit out fast as fuck.

Theone sent me a paypal address and I just paid with paypal. I was initially skeptical of sending money, but since it was paypal, I could always file a dispute and get my money back. He sent me QC pics and then gave me tracking number. I got my shoes and here we are. His agency is called taobaoguides and they’ve actually been working in China for 7 years and have just started moving towards English speaking customers. Right now, they don’t charge any agent fees, only shipping. So I would really take advantage of this right now.

Theone’s wechat: loveforever_1216
Mango’s wechat: flameyes
Monica’s wechat: mangofamilyshoes

I recommend just putting all those mfers in a group chat and tell them what you want and let them sort the rest of the shit out. I’m honestly so glad I found theone, he’s such a great agent. 100% fast communication during the whole process.

QUALITY: These are probably some of the best bred 11 reps I have ever seen. Everything is pretty much on point. The jumpman ball is between the 2 and 3, the soles are nice and on point, the toebox has the milky, translucent overlap. The 23 looks wide in the pictures for some reason, but it’s actually the right width. It’s not pancaked like other reps. The only flaws I see is that there isn’t actually carbon fiber and that the toe box is a tad bit bulky on the left. But that’s just nitpicking at that point. You seriously cannot tell the difference between this and retail unless you touch the carbon fiber.

COMFORT: I mean, I’m not wearing this for comfort. That being said, it’s pretty comfortable. I haven’t worn in for hours on end, but it did slip on nice and cozy.

SIZING: Truly fits perfectly. Don’t go up or down by even a half.

CONCLUSION: You guys probably think I was paid by Theone because of the praise, but seriously, I fucking love him. You can see frustrated I was with the whole process here:

Anyway, great shoes, great shipping, affordable prices. I got these shoes for $125 shipped.

[Review] Agent Taobaoguides

What’s up ninjas!

First of all, I didnt get paid to do this shit (I wish), but I think it’s my duty to review /u/TaobaoGuides :3

I bump into TaobaoGuides after I had some shit going on with Ddb you can see it here: Fuck EMS

I got a dm, which said that I should check out TaobaoGuides. So I did. Added him on Whatsapp, and tried to get some Information.

It turned out that they are a big company. Being the biggest forwarder shipping agent on taobao (showed me their taobao site; 4 crowns and shit) having over 50 employees. They are trying to expand to the west, so you don’t have to pay service fees at the moment. You are able to choose the delivery agent, which is fucking nice. Ddb just let me choose EMS, and they fucked me over later on.. I’ve paid 67 dollars for 2x 2kg packages and it came 3 days later with DHL Express, smooth. Had to pay some taxes, but it wasn’t that much. After I told them, that I had to pay taxes, they gave me a discount on my next order.

Communication is great. His english is better than mine, lol. He’s using Whatsapp and WeChat, so if you have questions you’ll get almost immediately an answer. Moreover you get QC pics, I didn’t even ask for any, but it’s a nice service.

His Wechat or whatsapp +86 18665082185

My package contained Lins 699 triple white ultra boosts, yellow bape shark hoodie, supreme stickers, supreme keychain, y-3 belt, bape bag, palace 16ss tri-smuged t-shirt (UNHS).

If you want, I’ll write a review about my pick up,too

Have a nice daycunts.

[REVIEW] A Review of ★★★★☆


Hey guys! Long time fashionreps poster/seller here and I decided to crawl out of the pile of reps to post a review about

So I had been using basetao for a while and my chinese roommate told me about how english agents make crazy amounts of money off of recharging accounts and shipping at shitty prices. He helped me browse taobao for some agents and I decided to pick jfchinese. The whole process was surprisingly easy!

I contacted them on skype and they seemed pretty legit so I decided to set up an order. I’ll give you a step by step process on how it went.

I registered on to receive my personal address for taobao orders

1. I asked them for a price estimate on the shipping (220 yuan to the US with EMS, 4kg)

2. Once I had my address set up I only had to start ordering directly on taobao (no recharging!)

3. I ordered my items on taobao and set the address as my personal warehouse one.

4. I wanted QC so I simply asked them on skype and it was no problem, so they’d take pictures for me when it arrived.

5. The items arrived in my personal warehouse and I could see them listed on the warehouse page on their website.

6. Once I had QC’d all my items and checked that the weight was OK I decided to ship.

7. They gave me the shipping price and sent me a link to a taobao item that cost 1 yuan and you choose the amount to match the price of your shipping.

8. A swift conformation of shipping and payment: my package was off!

9. 4 days later, my package shows up nicely packed and no damage!

Now, they arent perfect but they definitely made up for it. When they sent me my package I was missing a vetements hoodie that was supposed to be shipped with the haul. I contacted them on skype and they said that they’ll send me the hoodie with DHL for free (!).

Thanks for reading! I hope you find it as easy for me to set this up. If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them.

In the past 8 years, we’ve been the best Taobao shipping agent for overseas Chinese, from now on we aiming at the best Taobao agent for foreigners, we believe more clients will benefit from our excellent service and we will get more positive reviews and business in return, and we are pretty sure you are the next one who will choose and review our service, please feel free to contact us if you want to buy anything from Chinese online shopping websites.

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