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Skills of buying good stuffs on Taobao

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Taobao is such a magical online shopping website, you can buy anything from it, no matter good or bad deals, you can find those you can’t find in your daily life. Therefore, in face of various of products, how can we recognize quality goods and counterfeit, let’s share some skills of buying good stuffs on Taobao.


Tips 1 Choose products with high rate of 4.7 score

Every Taobao store has rate for it, you can see the rates on each page of the store. The rates are the average scores for different aspects of the store given by each buyer: Products’ description, service level, logistic service. The rate above 4.7 will be shown in red, and bellow 4.7 in green. Normally, if you focus more on the quality, the rate for products’ description is the most important. A lot of buyers only choose products with all rates above 4.7. Comments given by others are essential as well, unboxing photos and detailed review will help you more.

Tips 2 Get know about original sample

Same famous foreign brands provide fabrics and designs to manufacturers in China, those products will be sold in the “authentic” stores, however, some of the manufacturers will secretly produce more products with the materials which are planned to be scrapped. But the quality is still guaranteed, these products are called original sample in China. Their quantity is small and color is little different from the real thing. Some call these products as replicas, to be honest, if you just care about the quality but not the brand and price, these are good hauls.

Tips 3 Compare the same items from different stores

It is usually to see many same products are sold on Taobao with different price. As Taobao sellers might have the same suppliers, they are giving different retail price to buyers. Remember further search on Taobao when you find your deals, just copy the keywords and paste to Taobao searching blank, there will be many same items with different price.

Tips 4 Purchase a returning insurance before settle a payment

Finish selecting and need to settle a payment, you will see a option of returning insurance, it usually very cheap, tick the option, if you need return or refund, the insurance company will claim the shipping fee for you. Especially while you buying a pair of shoes, most of the time, the sizes are not standard and can’t fit you well, you have to exchange another one.

Tips 5 Contact the Taobao store service staffs when you need help

If you suffer from issues in some cases, taobao system and original procedure might make you feel ill, please contact the sellers or service staffs for help, things might turn easy.

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