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Is stocking from reliable?

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It is similar for doing business on the Internet and doing traditional business, there are dishonest phenomenon in both of them. You need to trade with cautious attitude towards each deal on the Internet just the same as doing traditional business. Of course, you couldn’t too conservative, most of the business partners on the network are honest.

Alibaba( is the Chinese version Alibaba) is a platform providing commercial information for our business partners, and promoting communication among us. However, Alibaba dose not interfere in any specific transactions, thus you have to make a clear identity recognition for whom you are trading with.

Believe that the vast majority of merchants are honest, especially trust-pass members for long years on Alibaba (which have gone through the verification of industry or individual). In my opinion, one-time integrity is not difficult, but one-year integrity is not easy for cheater, long-year integrity even is a kind of habit. This habit of being honest is the initial of our society. We should adhere to this habit whether online or offline. Alibaba

Tips of stocking from Alibaba

1, Please remember to use Alipay, the only official payment tool. Do not transfer money to sellers even the goods’ prices are not expensive. This is the fundamental guarantee of our buyers.

2, Being more careful when settle payment. A lot of merchants on Alibaba, they don’t trade directly on Alibaba, instead they will give you an album of their products. Then when you need to place an order, they will give you a link to their Taobao store. In this time, you have to be careful, on one side, to verify if the seller of the Taobao store is the one you are trading with. On the other side, to check the reviews of the Taobao store, and to see if anyone was trading like you do. Finally, both Taobao and Alibaba are allow sellers to modify the price after you place an order, thus, you have to clearly know the final price and check if you pay for a correct amount.

3, If you are looking for the long-term sellers and there are no any wholesale market arround you, Alibaba is the best choice for small quantity stocking. If you have decided to stock from Alibaba, just purchase several sample at the first time. In this way, you can see whether the goods quality meet your satisfactory or not, if satisfied, being the second time stocking from a same supplier, you might get a discount from him.

4, It is such an important thing to compare. Alibaba is the wholesale platform for most of the Taobao sellers, thus, before stocking from Alibaba, search the same products on Taobao, sometimes you might find that the price on Taobao is even cheaper than on Alibaba, the reason for this might be the supplier on Alibaba in running a Taobao store as well.

5, Dropshipping is a good business model but need you to control the goods. Many retailers choose to do dropshipping with Allibaba suppliers, once they have orders from customers, they can place another same order from Alibaba, it is simple and heart saving. However, all the goods need to be under control by yourself, you have to get the physical goods in your hands, at least in the first several time, that’s help you to see if the supplier can ship the same stable products with good quality. don’t literally to broker agents. Many people chose the commission agent, is this is a good thing to without risk. But I don’t suggest you do agent. You take no hand, you can’t control the dispatch. Is you are just one of their. When goods out of the title, bad is you. Not of a man is also about you. So it is not recommended. I am must take the goods on hand, see, to release goods. (this may be subjective, so everyone reference)

6, Check the activity of the sellers on the Internet, find their information on other platforms, so that you can confirm if these sellers are trusting.

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