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Good news that TaobaoGuides launched a new shipping line for China to Canada, let’s see how different and smooth compared to traditional shipping lines.


Delivery time Restriction for size and weight

Weight ≤30kg

First 0.5kg

Continued 0.5kg

Canada 5-9 working days

(remote place +5 working days)

1. weight≤30kg

2. L≤2m, L+Perimeter of the smallest side≤3m



shipping from China to Canada

Introduction of Canada green line

  1. Available to ship built-in battery and electric appliance, but battery cannot exceed 100WH, and requires additional fee of 3RMB for per kg, minimum additional fee is 10RMB per shipment.
  2. Only when volume weight is triple of actual weight, needs to calculate volume weight.(Volume weight=L*W*H/6000)
  3. Restriction of weight and size: Maximum wight is 30kg, perimeter cannot exceed 3m.
  4. Duty free if declared value under 20CAD=15USD, declared description should be detailed, for example, cannot declare items as clothing, electronic, instead it should be declare as pants, sweater, T-shirt, etc.
  5. Banned items: Food, drinks, medicine, skin product, alcohol, tobacco, prohibited goods such as knives, guns, product samples, pesticides and herbicides, electronic cigarette, gas, explosives, etc.
  6. Tracking website:
  7. Shipments are delivered by Canada post, free delivery time is 3 time: If receiver is not at home, courier staffs will settle a notification paper in front of the door, after 5 days that shipment still is not be taken, courier will settle another notification paper, and 10 days after that, receiver does not come to pick up his parcel, the parcel will be returned to Canada warehouse, and the returning fee is 27RMB.

Comparison with traditional shipping lines

Shipping fee comparison

Weight Canada green line HK DHL



72 150 150
1 100 171


1.5 128 192


2 156 213


2.5 183 234


3 211 255



239 276



267 297


4.5 294 318


5 322 339



350 360


6 378 381



Advantages of Canada green line shipping from China

  1. Money saving, it can save 50% shipping fee compared with shipping by HK DHL, competitive price for shipping parcels bellow 6kg.
  2. Duty free if shipment declared value within 20CAD=15USD.
  3. No remote fee for the whole Canada.
  4. Available to ship branded/reps, built-in battery, extra battery.
  5. Delivery time: 3-4 flight per week from Guangzhou city China to Canada, it take 1-3 working days for customs clearance and delivery after shipment arrives Canada.
  6. Customs clearance: Different from traditional shipping lines that easy to generate duty or be confiscated due to low declaration or restricted items. Customs clearance of Canada green line is processed by Canada post, much more smoothly with lower risks.


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