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Strategy of 11.11 Taobao shopping festival for 2016

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Strategy of 11.11 Taobao shopping festival for 2016


If you are a shopaholic on Taobao, you must know the big shopping event—-Double 11 shopping carnival, the craziest thing on Taobao. You will suffer from traffic jam on the network at 11.11 01:00, everyone rush to place orders because of various of promotions and big discounts, prices will sharply drop at that moment, most of things will be sold out within minutes.

And for the 2016 double 11 festival, there is a little changes for the snap up rules. Let’s go through the strategy.

Strategy step 1: Price comparison

Make full good use of the wish list, it not only can keep the deals you like, but also can help you compare prices. If you are careful enough, you can see the sentence ” reduce  xx yuan compared with the collecting time” , it is marked by red color. Many goods’ price will have some changes, so it is difficult enough to find them right now. I  would love to collect the goods that I wanted  to buy in advance.    Because it is very convenient to compare.

You can put the goods you like into the favorite, and make sure the price now and the price at 11.11. Then you can choose the most favoribale price! To put the goods into your shopping car, one one hand,you can prevent the seller from reducing the price after rasing. Also, you can prevent the goods you like from selling out.

Strategy step 2: Flexible using of discount coupoon

This year’s  11.11 adds  the Tmall’s discount coupoon compared with last year. You can use both the Tmall’s and shop’s discount coupoon. Meanwhile, the discount coupoon can be applicated overlayingly. You can get the discount coupoons and red packets  from11.1.

Strategy step 3: More favorible price of some potential goods

Some potential goods’ price have more fovorible price than 11.11. Because the earnest money can be used doublingly. Also, you can use the discount coupoons and red packets at the same time. So, some potential goods have more favorible price than 11.11.

Strategy step 4: Saving money by the free interst

The free interst will help you to save money when you have big purchases. Many shopping stores’ products have the free-interst payment. Coustomers can buy goods with free-interest payment, they also do not need pay any handling charge.

When you are shopping in Tmall or Taobao, you can choose the “Huabei”  payment, you do not need to pay the interest if you can pay your bill at 10 next month after your confirmation of receving the goods. That is to say, if you buy goods at 11.11,  and you confirm your reception at 11.15. Then, you do not need to pay extra payment if you can pay your bill at 12.10. If the good you buy is 5000  yuan, your 5000 yuan has a month’s lay-up period, you can earn some money in that period.

Be sure to pay your bill at the regulate time if you choose the free-interst payment.

Strategy step 5: Phone exclusive

If you are shopping online by your phone, you must have seen the “phone exclusive”. You can also see it in the computer. Miss Wu, a girl with 9 years shopping online experience, told the reporter that, when you buy the good, you can look at the good’s deal records, if it have the “Phone exclusive”, it indicates that the price is cheaper than buying in computer. If you are looking the goods  on computer, you can collect them and buy them by phone.

(二) How to get the 11.11 discount coupoon

The 11.11 discount coupoon can be received by credits exchange and interactive activities. The purpose of 11.11 discount coupoon is to make the seller surrender part of the profits. The sellers set different categories according to different goods. The discount coupoon can be applicated overlayingly in terms of differnt categories. An order can use 30 discount coupoons  at most.

(三) Seckill skills

Some people said that we have to use some softwares to seckill. Not necessarily, 11.11 seckill has some skills, it doesn’t include the using of softwares. The basic premise of 11.11 seckill is the “three-fast” of network speed, computer and phone. For computer, you might as well close the background sofeware. Because they will slow down the network speed.

The seckill speed also relate to the browser, you should log in ahead of time and put them into the faovorite after it. Beacuse it will be convenient to find them out. The input method should be set in advance. The English version is more favorible, beacuse the verification code is usual English letter, the letter spelling,  the phonetic letter and so on. The product’s seckill time will be update later, you should notice the specific time of the product’s seckill time.

(四) 11.11 cost-effective time arrangement

The beginning time: 2016.11.11 00:00:00 ~ 2016.11.11 23:59:59

The preheating time: 2016.11.1 00:00:00 ~ 2016.11.10 23:59:59

Promotion website: Taobao single day 11.11 crazy promotion


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