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Taobao 11.11 shopping shipping strategy you cannot miss

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Dear friends overseas, you definitely want to buy something on 11.11, am i right?

It is said that a pack of Chinese spicy food should cost 30 yuan in a country. What should us do as the person cannot live without spicy?

Many people think that they may far away from Taobao after going abroad, but TaobaoGuides make Taobao overseas no boundaries~

Well, in order to let our friends overseas to receive their packages smoothly, we collected and collated information for three days to send you the super practical tips for taobao 11.11 packages shipping from China.

Just buy it, TaobaoGuides can deal with your international shipment.

According to our experience for 11.11 shipping in the past 5 years, we conclude five main categories that customers like to buy and give you some tips.

1. Clothing&Accessories

As a girl who love beauty, you must want to buy clothing and accessories in 11.11. There are two matters needing attention”:

Be careful about the items with international brand’s symbol, such as LV, Channel, Nike and so on. This kind of goods may be confiscated, punished or sent back. Although many people said the customs do not check Junfeng’s goods often, you also need to look before you leap.

Many countries are in winter now, so the down jackets, cotton-padded clothes and sweaters are necessary items, such goods with little weight and large volume need to consider its volume. For example, DHL and other three big express companies will calculate the volume. But do not worry, if you have many of this kind of goods, you can deliver them by EMS, because EMS do not calculate volume.

2. Cosmetics

You do not need to worry the solid or cream body, such as the lipstick and eyebrow pencil. You need to be careful about the liquid products, they are difficult to pass the security check and may be send back. But Junfeng has the special routes of cosmetics. Also, the western Europe, Australia and many other countries have cheap price and it is very convenient to deliver. As to other countries, it is a bit expensive. So you can consult with our customer service before delivering.

3. Food

You must have slobbery at the thought of domestics delicious food. You can buy the vegetarian and dried food freewheelingly. But you should control the amount of meat products. Because some countries, such as America, Canada and Japan, control it more strictly.

4. Daily necessities

Apart from dressing ourselves up, we also should live well, Buying daily us, we should notice that:

* Do not buy fragile cargoes. (such as lamps and lanterns)

* Considering the volume of goods with large volume.

* Knowing whether it is inserted with batteries if you want to buy toys. (Please consult with our customer services if you want to deliver batteries included goods.)

* Do not buy knife tools or mist spray with compressed gas.

* Do not deliver glasses in America. ( The customer need to provide drop ball test.)

5. Electronic products

Men prefer to buy electronic products. Buying electronic products, please notice that:

* Do not deliver any expensive phone or computer, they are easy to lose.

* For goods like power bank, the capacity should below 10000 milliampere with no brand.

* For electronic product with brand, they will produce additional charge. ( 20 yuan usually)

At last, kindly reminded that, the delivery time may delay a period of time, so you might as well reserve some time for receiving the goods for the order during taobao 11.11. Happy shopping on Taobao 11.11 Carnival.

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