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4 tips to save Amazon FBA cost effectively

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Amazon FBA cost mainly include shipping fee and management fee. How to save Amazon FBA cost is the biggest concern of the Amazon FBA sellers. Here we share 4 tips to save Amazon FBA cost effectively by take advantage of Amazon ASP and save Amazon FBA fee shipping from China.

ASP (Average SellingPrice) is the average price of the seller’s products sold in the Amazon. The formula is: ASP = total sales / sales volume.

How to find your ASP? Follow these steps:

• Log in to Amazon seller center
• Go to the Reports section
• Click “Business Report”
• View Sales Snapshot – Your ASP is the amount in the “Avg. Sales / order item” section.

There are many advantages for Amazon FBA seller to improve ASP:
(1) save a lot of FBA shipping
(2) save time and cost in packaging and preparation
(3) leaving space for price volatility
(4) get more income

How to improve ASP? The following practices can help sellers to adjust ASP and improve FBA profits.

1. Set the minimum price parameters
Not long ago, the Amazon FBA seller Stephen decided to stop the purchase product price under 10-12 dollars and focusing on the procurement of high-value products.
When Stephen in the procurement strategy to cancel the low-priced products, he has more cost to buy high-value products. At the same time, improve ASP, reduce the overall sales volume, but also help to save the cost of packaging and shipping costs. $ 10-12 product is the lowest price chosen by Stephen. Of course, for other FBA sellers, this value may be different. Such as books and toys sellers, mainly rely on “low price, large” sales model profit.

2. Consider bundling sales or discount packages
Discount package, refers to the same number of products packaged together, sold on Amazon platform. Bundling is the sale of different products that are complementary to each other.
If you follow the Amazon guidelines, sellers can create their own bundled products, which can be priced higher than their separate sales price.
As for the discount package, only when the Amazon directory already exists in the product package, the seller can be released for sale.
In addition, compared to separate sales, bundled sales or discount package sales can save more costs. For example, if a product is priced at $ 10, sell 5, sales of $ 50, but the seller to pay 5 times FBA freight. But if the five product portfolio sales, sales of 50 dollars, the seller only need to pay one FBA shipping.

3. Purchase high-value products
If you want to improve ASP, the FBA seller must have a high value of inventory products. One of the most simple way Stephen used to improve ASP is to increase the shoes inventory. His shoe products ASP about $ 70, and all categories of products integrated ASP increased to 47 dollars. Now, the shoes have become the main category of Stephen’s Amazon inventory.
Amazon FBA Sellers can purchase high-value products not just shoes. Other sellers like to use high tech electronic products to improve their ASP, and some sellers use high-priced toys to improve ASP. No matter which industry, sellers can buy high-value products to improve the overall ASP.

4. Amazon FBA shipping from China

As Amazon FBA seller you may have multiple vendors or suppliers on Alibaba or 1688, if you ship them respectively to Amazon FBA warehouse the cost wont be cheap, instead you can apply a Amazon FBA freight shipping agent to help you consolidate goods to ship from China together via DHL, FedEx, UPS, Air+UPS as well as sea depends on your goods weight and volume to maximum low down Amazon FBA shipping cost.

JFBees Amazon FBA service includes:

Sourcing service

JFBees help you source Amazon FBA suppliers on Alibaba 1688 as well as other Chinese B2B websites to ensure you quality goods.

Purchasing service

We can help you order if you have payment issues.


JFBees have 4000 square meters warehouse to help you stock goods before shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse.

QC photos

JFBees will help you check the goods quality and quantities by 1080P HD QC photos ensure items in good condition before shipping.

Brands label service

JFBees could also help you stick customized label and exchange goods brand packaging.

Consolidation shipping service

We can help you merge multiple Amazon FBA packages into one to consolidate shipping from China to save international shipping fee.

Low shipping rates

JFBees offers multiple lines with low shipping rates for Amazon FBA goods ship from China. Meanwhile we will help you prepare business invoice and packing list for customs clearance.

Please feel free to contact wechat or whatsapp +86 18665082185 for Amazon FBA shipping from China.

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