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How to filter quality supplier on Alibaba and 1688

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There are many wholesalers and dropshippers overseas import from China Alibaba and 1688 as well as other B2B websites, most of them hesitate on how to select a reliable supplier or vendors on Alibaba or 1688, especially for the new Amazon EBay sellers. Here we list a few tips on how to filter quality supplier via Alibaba and 1688 platform for you as a reference.

Usually we source goods on Alibaba and 1688 based on products keywords, then we can make a list for the suppliers for qualification investigate based on 3 rules.

1. Alibaba 1688 supplier classification

Alibaba and 1688 members divide into Trust verification members and general members. The Trust verification members divide into enterprise and personal. The enterprise members have legal and valid business license and verified by third party cooperated with Alibaba 1688. The personal member verified by Alibaba and 1688 with their Identity card. In contrast, I suggest wholesalers and dropshippers cooperated with the vendors that verified by Alibaba or 3rd party to save time on supplier identity verification.

2. How to determine the credibility and business strength on Alibaba 1688 members

Wholesaler and dropshipper always want to cooperate with powerful vendors with high credibility, you can judge via:

1> Alibaba member age: Alibaba has index on its members; you can click it behind the member badge to check its member age on Alibaba 1688.
2> Judge via Alibaba member index which determined by

Member age: one-year Alibaba 1688 member has 10 points; the second year member will increase to 30 points and 3rd year increase to 50 points.

Enterprise Certification (only available for company): Some companies upload their own business license, tax registration certificate, ISO certificate and so on to Alibaba 1688 to convince wholesaler and dropshipper and get the corresponding points.

Positive reviews: buyer transact with supplier via Alipay on Amazon or 1688, a positive review get 2 points.

3> Judge through the registered capital of enterprises: wholesaler and dropshipper inquiry enterprise registered ca In the shop in the “company” can query the registered capital of enterprises, legal representatives and other related information, because the nature of the enterprise and the type of license for different reasons, some companies without registered funds. Therefore, the enterprise registered capital for reference only; it cannot fully determine the strength of enterprises capital on the company introduction area. It can be a reference but cannot fully determine the enterprise scale and strength.

3. Payment terms
People usually pay via Alipay on Taobao but it isn’t the same on Alibaba and 1688. Only part of wholesalers and dropshippers use Alipay due to many reasons. For one thing people overseas are difficult to register and verify Alipay account; For another thing most Alibaba 1688 members are companies which cannot bind personal Alipay account; besides Alipay haven’t been accepted by companies, the most important reason is product on Alibaba and 1688 are equipment machinery and so on, the sale amount is pretty big and unsuitable for Alipay. You can try escrow at the beginning instead of wire transfer directly.

Once you filter vendors on the list it’s time to negotiate with Alibaba 1688 suppliers about samples to ship to JFBees warehouse for quality check and consolidate shipping from China to save your cost. Then you can compare price and quality to select the right suppliers on Alibaba 1688 to place small orders. After a few times you both know each other well about the price and products quality then the rest vendors on your list can be your reliable supplier on Alibaba and 1688.

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