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How to avoid being cheated wholesaling on Alibaba and 1688

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Alibaba and 1688 might be the first platform for wholesaler and dropshipper ecommerce business due to there has competitive price with massive products and suppliers. However, how to source quality goods and suppliers on Alibaba and 1688 would be the biggest concern for most Amazon and EBay sellers. In another words, How to avoid being cheated wholesaling on Alibaba and 1688? There are 6 tips for you as a reference.

1. Deal with supplier certified By Alibaba and 1688 or 3rd party

Usually the formal and powerful manufacturers will apply Alibaba paid members to enlarge their business. Alibaba will verify the supplier qualification via 3rd party by the business license and tax registration certificate. We can take advantage of the information to identify the suppliers.

The Alibaba 1688 paid member index equal to positive review on Taobao, so we can try to select suppliers has higher index score, but it is only necessary conditions not sufficient conditions we choose the supplier as it can be faked also. You should know

How to filter quality supplier on Alibaba and 1688

2. Please deal with Alipay or escrow.

Both Alibaba and 1688 supports Alipay and escrow, so when you wholesale or dropship on Alibaba 1688 please use Alipay or escrow to pay after you confirmed the goods quality unless you are familiar with the supplier.

3. Get samples before big orders

It is very important to get samples from Alibaba or 1688 supplier, don’t believe too much on the photos in the description page especially women clothes with sexy models.

There are a lot of wholesalers or manufacturers on Alibaba and 1688 copy the latest fashion design, but the quality can be described as heaven and hell, you should check the samples before wholesale.

If you inquiry samples, the general price will be high as it equals retail, so basically you can accept the price if it is reasonable. Also you can negotiate with suppliers to return sample fee once you place wholesale order.

4. Do not bulk wholesale at one time

It is common that suppliers offer quality goods at the beginning then quality lost control time by time. So you do not have to bulk whole for lower price, usually it is better to pay more international shipping fee to import based on your sales in Amazon or Shopify instead of hoarding lots of goods at one time.

5. Confirm goods model, size, color, quantity before order

You should confirm with Alibaba 1688 vendors about the goods model, size, color and quantity etc. again no matter how many times you imported from the same supplier. You should always be careful for the wholesale or dropshipping business on Alibaba and 1688.

When you decide to order, be sure to communicate with wholesalers more frequently with different questions involved in the deal.

In this process we can find suppliers on Alibaba and 1688 belongs to:

1> Professional supplier: they replied fast and have professional knowledge on product details, we can judge in the communication;
2> Regular supplier: usually refers to traditional manufacture or wholesaler who do not pay much attention on ecommerce, so we usually cannot get reply on time when we leave message, we should give up those supplier due to low efficiency;
3> Dishonest supplier: Those sellers usually reply fast and warm hearted but they take long time to respond the product details, and they are good at inducing you to place orders. So we should ask more about whether they belong to wholesale, manufacture or trader? Where is the business located in China? Can you check the goods quality personally? What’s the exchange or return policy etc.

6. The ultimate tips—- field trips

Of course it isn’t the best way for many Amazon or EBay sellers, if you run pretty big business, field trip in China would be the ultimate tips. Find a few suppliers nearby cities in China and visit personally, seeing is believing.

The above 6 tips to avoid being cheated wholesaling on Alibaba and 1688, please add whatsapp +86 18665082185 for more tips wholesale from China, JFBees could be your best Alibaba 1688 agent to help you wholesale and dropshipping from China.

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