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2017 Top10 best selling products on Aliexpress Alibaba

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As a wholesaler or dropshipper you may pay great efforts to source the best selling products on Aliexpress and Alibaba platform. Here we list the top10 best selling products on Alibaba in the past month in 2017.

Top10. New HQ Night Driving Glasses

The 10th best selling product is a new HQ anti-glare night driving glasses. It has 95.9% positive reviews in Aliexpress. It is free shipping for most countries, with a single pair price of $ 1.76, a 10% discount for APP purchase, $ 1.96 before discount; it is a perfect glasses for driving at night!

Top9. Men’s Boxers by Pink HEROes

The 9th best selling product is a Pink HEROes brand boxers underware for men (PINK brand Hero Briefs for men), with a variety of styles and sizes, these cotton striped underwear full of fashion sense, each costs $ 3.40 to $ 3.75, which supports wholesale with lower prices. The brand focuses on men lingerie especially underwear boxer shorts products, because of low prices and very popular, it has a loyal user base and won numerous praise.

Top8. Punk Colored Leather Choker

The 8th best selling product is the PUNK leather chokers with gold plated pendant collar neck pieces produced by Yanqueens. The retro fashion style loved by women and young girls. These zinc alloy collar necklaces are 90s punk fashion and style revival with 4 different colors.

Top7. Ski Gloves for Men and Women

The 7th best selling product is the ski gloves made in Zhejiang China recently hot sell in aliexpress. These gloves made of polyester and Lycra are available in blue, red and black, with wind, water and heat insulation, and are ideal for extreme weather conditions. Products also support customization, the price is only 1.26 US dollars, men and women have models with large medium and small as well as XXL size.

Top6. Infrared TV Remote by Black Mini Universal

The 6th best selling product is a button keychain remote controller, the product uses infrared IR TV technology, the user can control the TV and media devices through seven buttons, and there is universal compatibility. Multi-functional and easy to operate features for this $ 1.29 mini remote control in Aliexpress has been in crazy sale.

Top5. Lace Briefs for Women by Aofeiqike

The 5th best selling product is lace briefs for women. It is only 1.06 to 1.19usd in Aliexpress. With the previous men’s underwear, it has additional discount to order via APP and lower wholesale price.

These ladies underwear made of 90% nylon, 10% spandex and cotton are natural colors, support international size, a variety of colors and graphics optional. Products have Alibaba global buyer protection policy with full refund if not received goods. If the object does not match the description, the buyer can apply for a partial or full refund.

Top4. Bluetooth Music System

A hands-free Bluetooth music receiver produced by ANBES is also one of the best-selling products on Aliexpress. It is not just a headset adapter, more generally adaptable. As a car equipped, it supports different audio stereo Bluetooth reception, allowing wireless listening when driving. Connect the device to a 3.5 mm headphone port to turn on hands free mode, play music and audio, for only $ 3.74.

Top3. Women’s Messenger Bags

The 3rd best selling product is the Messenger Bags, these kinds of bags suitable for men and women become the new trends in recent seasons. The bohemian style is widely sought after by the millennial generation. Recently, designers specifically designed for women more fashion sense, style diversification of the bag. With the gold edge and edge lock technology; these bags have been added rich aesthetic elements.

Top2. 3D Butterfly Wall Decals

This high-end wall sticker home decoration has a number of colors available, each set has 12 pieces with big and small size, PVC material butterfly wall stickers are easy to paste to the wall, easy to avoid easy replacing the environmental protection.

Top1. Data Cable USB (made by BasAcc)

The best selling product is the USB data cable produced by BasAcc, over the past week sales of up to 114,287 pieces in Aliexpress. These high quality cables are made of high strength nylon filament, 100% pure copper battery, compatible with Andrews equipment, mini USB charging port to support charging and data transmission. The plugs of these cables are made of antioxidant metal and have a wear-resistant protective layer.

The above is the top10 best-selling products in the Alibaba platform. Are they in your selling category already? In addition, the Alibaba’s best-selling products are usually sold by Verified Suppliers or Gold Suppliers. These are usually large companies with a broad portfolio of products. You are welcome to contact TaobaoGuides or JFBees if you need help sourcing goods from China Alibaba platforms.

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