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Hot sale goods list on Independence Day promotion 2017

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July 4th the American Independence Day which is coming soon, what kind of goods are you going to sell in the 2017 American Independence Day promotion? No matter you are wholesaler or dropshipper, it is a very good chance to increase sales in the beginning of the 3rd season. We prepared some hot sale goods list for you to prepare the Independence Day promotion. Amazon EBay sellers, you can take advantage of the holiday to involve patriotic into your goods strategy to increase the sales.

1.Purchase the USA flag and products with red, white, blue color
The American pride will be displayed most vividly on July 4th Independence Day, so the wholesaler or dropshipper should believe that the US flag will be in hot sale.
wholesaler or dropshipper can purchase flags in a variety of sizes and forms from small to big. You do not have to worry high-priced star embroidery American flag, on Independence Day, some consumers will not hesitate to buy high-priced products.
wholesaler or dropshipper can also consider buying American flag banner and belt, many companies may purchase such products to decorate their office.

2.Purchase patriotic related party supplies
In addition to the US flag, the seller can also purchase many patriotic party supplies. Any product with the American flag, or red, white, blue and other colors are likely to be hot sale on Independence Day.

Wholesaler or dropshipper may consider buying these related party items in the third quarter:
•Cups and plates;
•Wall decoration products;
•Lighting supplies (lights, etc.);
•Patriotic music CDs;
•Inflatable buffet;
•Photo backdrop;
•Cupcake decorating tool
•Beaded necklace
•Blessing bags;
•Garden dwarf.

3.US related clothing and accessories
All of the patriots need clothes to wear on Independence Day, so the seller can also purchase the relevant clothing and accessories. Wholesaler and dropshipper can publish any red, white, blue and other color products, as long as you optimization SEO in the product description. You can add keywords such as “patriotic”, “july 4th” and “american flag” to the product description, which will allow the product to appear in the search results.
The following are clothing and accessories can be considered purchase for Independence Day promotion:

•Jewelry boxes, necklaces, earrings or other jewels.

4.Small patriotic toys, gifts and some fun products
Perhaps the most interesting product in the third quarter, especially for Amazon FBA sellers, is nothing but something small, such as toys, gifts and other patriotic related accessories.
These products range from multiple categories, from Toys & Games, to Office Products, Home Decor, which may be hot.

Wholesaler and dropshipper may consider purchasing the following related products:
•Disposable tattoos;
•Photography props;
•Coffee cups;
•Dog collar
•Phone case;

5.Do not forget to buy summer related products
The third quarter coincided with the hottest summer, so wholesalers and dropshippers do not forget to buy some summer products as soon as possible. The seller may consider purchasing the following products in combination with Independence Day promotion:

•Barbecue equipment;
•Summer recipes
•Hiking and camping equipment;
•Outdoor furniture;
•Swimming products;
•Beach towels
•Inflatable products;
•Rowing equipment.
The above goods list might be hot sale good inventory on the Independence Day promotion; you can source them on Alibaba or 1688 or other Chinese B2B websites, JFBees can be a good agent to help you buy and ship goods from China. Please feel free to contact if you need wholesale or dropshipping from China.

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