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Top7 Alibaba hot sale decompression toys besides fidget spinner

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The history of human pressure release products has been around for hundreds of years. From the ancient Chinese decompression ball, the Vietnamese decompression cube, to today’s decompression cube and fidget spinner. Times are changing, and human dependence on pressure reducing products is also increasing. No matter ancient and modern age, all pressure relief products have the same philosophy: mechanical, repetitive hand movements can calm us down and concentrate more. The fidget spinner is the hottest decompression toys on Amazon and EBay in 2017, as an Amazon FBA seller you may interest in the top7 decompression toys on Alibaba, Aliexpress and 1688 in addition to fidget spinner and fidget tube. These decompression products are popular in foreign social networking sites and all from Aliexpress and Alibaba.

 Top1. Bulb stress reliever

When you have too much pressure, grab the bulb and pinch it! The light bulb made of soft rubber has a vivid appearance and is absolutely a vent tool. It can relieve stress, concentrate attention and improve work efficiency. It is only cost 1.67usd on Aliexpress.

Top2. Creepy anti-stress face

The face silicone vent toys, when you feel depressed and have no way to vent, it has different expressions to make you happy, it is often emotional to never yield in spite of reverses, shall we inspire the same? With a pinch, work, family, examination, economic pressure, all released. It is available on Aliexpress for 3.89USD.


Top3. Endless bubble wrap supply on a keychain

Why do you feel good when you squeeze a bubble onto a plastic package? It is said that can be released in the human destruction on goods. Whether it is squeezed into a ball one by one, or twists or tortures it the other way, the bubbles being squeezed in the end. The bubble wrap keychain perfectly solved this issue. The bubble squeeze voice is vivid and need to install a battery; once you squeezed 100 there has a reward voice. It costs 5.63USD on Aliexpress.


Top4. Simple stress squeeze toy

Another easy relief toy: a colorful rubber ball with a net outside. When squeezes in the hand it looks like a bunch of grapes. It has very good sales on Alibaba and Aliexpress with lots of positive reviews, both adults and children are enjoying play with it, somebody even bought to help pregnant wife decompression. It only costs 1.38USD.


Top5. Stress-relieving animal squeezers with popping eyes

Grab the little stare doll and squeeze hardly when you under great pressure, a pair of bloodshot eyes jumped out, said that people can reverse thinking, come up with a better solution. It is $4.28 on Aliexpress.


Top6. 42mm Stone balls

Pressure reducing ball is one of the oldest and most common concentration products in china. Stone hand feeling is simple, and some Chinese people use walnuts instead. It can be seen that playing with objects on hand is a long resort to decompression. It costs $9.9 on Aliexpress.


Top7. Vietnamese-style stress relieving wooden hexagons

The Vietnamese wood hexagon works similar way to release pressure with Chinese stone ball, two wooden hexagons together in one hand. The walnut color gives off the woody smile. The reviews on Aliexpress say they are big enough and have a great feel. It is available on Aliexpress for 2.83USD.


Let’s go back the the fidget spinner and fidget tube, we do not have to mention its sales miracle, After a decompression cube the wise oriental realized this trend, using the principle of space bearings to transform, creating fidget spinner. Now it has lots of improved versions with multiple functions.

 Do you relax yourself after seeing so many pressure relief toys above? Which one do you like best? Are they already in your store list? If you are an Amazon seller, you can contact JFBees to help you wholesale those pressure release products on Alibaba for more competitive price.

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