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How to create hot sale goods on Amazon

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Create hot sale goods to attract traffics is always the most important task for the Amazon FBA seller, what kind of goods can be hot sale goods on Amazon? How to create hot sale goods on Amazon?

There are two standards for the hot sale goods on Amazon, high quality and popular, the two standards are indispensable. Products that qualify as hot sale goods should be personalized products that are close to the market, conform to the trends, and meet consumer needs, rather than the seller’s own good products. Therefore, market research is essential. In addition, Amazon focuses on the seller’s brand, fine operation, and product pictures uploaded from Amazon dashboard, details description, logistics and after-sales service are the necessary steps to create hot sale goods on Amazon.

It mainly has 3 steps to create hot sale goods on Amazon, listing optimization, creative marketing and after sale control.

After selecting the product for your Amazon store, more attention should be focused on how to create hot sale goods. Optimize the listing, marketing innovation and the appropriate aftermarket control as well as the packaging, materials and functions of the goods should be the most important things the Amazon FBA seller need to rack their brains to optimize, this is the key to win buyer positive reviews and accumulate goods reputation.

The keywords selection on goods title shouldn’t be simply stuffing, a good title is able to clearly convey the brand name, product characteristics and application as well as the core keywords; on the sellers, a good product title provides the most direct source of search traffic, maximally attract traffic and exposure on buyers for the Amazon store; the material, size, color and product characteristics will guide customers to make the right purchase behavior.

Upload pictures in line with Amazon official requirements: picture size, format, clarity and graphic description should be in line with Amazon’s official requirements.

Short description is the main supplement of the title: the description need to be restricted in 500 characters per line, efficiently outline product selling points and characteristics, quick browsing, easy to understand to facilitate buyers quickly know the product features, usage and highlight features to increase the conversion rates.

Writing format requirements: each letter must be capitalized: each length should be different, can put the short in front long behind and add special symbols in front to keep the page neatly, highlight important parts on purpose to attract eyesight.

The price of the hot sale goods shouldn’t be too high on Amazon store: the price strategy of the product needs to be made properly, so does the hot sale goods. Usually, Amazon hot sale goods price is generally around 15 – 60 dollars, the Amazon seller can take it as a reference.

Amazon hot sale goods marketing promotion is divided into amazon promotion and Social network promotion: Amazon promotion includes CPC click payment, discount promotion, festival marketing and so on. Social network promotion includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on.

Amazon FBA is the key for Amazon sellers to create hot sale goods on its Amazon stores. If the seller’s product wants to appear on Amazon home page, a good shopping experience and plenty of inventory are required. The Amazon seller should be familiar with and master the Amazon FBA delivery process, understand the order amount, weight of goods and special goods three kinds of freight accounting models, When Amazon seller create order price or the weight segment on the background, set the corresponding shipping for different delivery fee to increase better purchase experience to improve the repeat purchase rates of the hot sale goods on Amazon store.

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