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How to ship taobao goods from China via DHL UPS FedEx and TNT

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International shipping is a very important step for you to buy goods on Taobao, it is not only related to the cost you need to pay for the international delivery but also related to the delivery time, goods safety, customs tax etc. How to ship goods from China via DHL UPS FedEx and TNT as well as other international courier service and line deals? There are 5 aspects you need to know before import goods from Taobao and other Chinese online shopping websites.

1. International courier service inquiry elements

a. Good name

When you inquiry international shipping cost from China, you should know whether the goods belongs to general, sensitive or prohibited goods, EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT are available for general goods shipping from China, part of them available for sensitive goods like built-in battery, cosmetics, foods, drugs etc. The prohibited goods will be rejected. So you need to provide goods name before shipping in case the goods cannot be shipping from China.

b. Goods weight

It is the most important element when you inquiry EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT shipping fee. You can check the goods weight on Taobao store or ask the taobao seller so that you can estimate the international shipping fee.

c. Goods volume

In addition to weight, the international courier service also charge for goods volume and select the bigger one between them as the shipping weight. So you should also check goods volume on taobao store or through taobao sellers.

d. Destination country

When you inquiry international shipping fee you should also input destination country, for example, shipping from China to USA, UK, Australia etc.

Once you got all these information, it is easy for you to estimate the international shipping cost via

2. International courier service billing weight

If you ship goods from China via DHL UPS TNT or FedEx you may have similar question like why I paid 5kg shipping fee for a 3kg package. Am I over charged by my agent? The truth is your package volume is bigger than its actual weight.

Volume calculates formula: length*width*height/5000. If the goods actual weight is higher than volume, the billing weight is the actual weight; else the billing weight is the volume weight.

PS: International courier calculates higher volume weight for irregular package.

3. International shipping fee

EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT charge weight based on 0.5kg and 1kg, their unit price usually floating month by month.

a. The delivery time starts from of the courier picks up the goods, it does not include other additional process before delivery;

b. International courier companies pick up during working day, so it is normal delay for goods picked up on Friday;

c. In addition to fuel charge, overweight over length and remote area charge, there has no other cost besides international shipping fee;

d. International courier service will help you customs clean but they do not responsible for the tariffs;

4. How to calculate international shipping fee

Usually international courier service calculate shipping fee based on first weight and continue weight, the first weight is 0.5kg, then each 0.5kg as continue weight. Besides, goods weight less than 0.5kg calculated as 0.5kg, for example, 1.75kg goods billing weight is 2kg.

International shipping fee= first weight + (billing weight/0.5-1)*continue weight unit price.

5. International courier service procedure

Let’s take taobao store for example.

Taobao seller-Agent warehouse-courier warehouse-arrange flight-prepare customs clearance document-arrive destination country customs- customs clearance-delivery (pay tax if necessary).

6. What’s the best international courier service between DHL EMS UPS FedEx and TNT for goods shipping from China?

We usually select proper select international courier service base on price and delivery time, DHL EMS UPS FedEx and TNT have their own advantages and disadvantages for you to compare based on weight, shipping acountry then you can select the best international courier service between them.

Usually the process takes 2 weeks from the day you order on taobao. Once you know the procedure how to ship goods from China via EMS DHL TNT UPS and Fedex as well as other line deals, you can start to make your plan order on taobao with JFBees taobao agent service.

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