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Top11 hot sale goods on Aliexpress

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Amazon and EBay are the first choice when people mention online shopping overseas, however, there are many dropshipping and wholesale goods come from Aliexpress as it is also a very good website for wholesale and retail. We will list the top11 hot sale goods on Aliexpress based on the product rating and vote number. Among all of them the top4 products rated at least 4.9 stars, which indicates that foreign consumers are quite acclaimed on these products.

1.Harry Potter Death Hallows Pendant necklace

The triangle pendants may be the cheapest way to show the world that he is Harry Potter fans. The product is rated 5 stars, with 1111 votes, priced at $ 0.18, provided by the seller Janwa Lue’s Store.


2.  Tie

The more bow ties the better for the gentleman. Seller COTREAM Official offers more than 20 different designs of bow tie, different colors, suitable for wearing on different occasions. The product has nearly 8,000 votes, product rating of 4.9 stars, priced at $ 1.1.

3. Portable notebook mirror

Small notebook shape portable mirror, and sometimes may be better than the real laptop, such as makeup. The product in the quick sell on the rating of 4.9 stars, there are 1540 votes. The product price of $ 2.69 is supplied by the seller Better Buy for Beauty.


4. “Star Wars” Death Star stickers wallpaper

The wallpaper is shaped like death star in Star Wars, with a rating of 4.9 stars on a quick sell and 590 votes. The product is priced at $ 1.79 and is offered by the seller Zooyoo Official Store.


5. U disk with credit card design

The U disk design looks like a credit card, in the quick sell on the rating of 4.8 stars and there are 6730 votes. The product is supplied by the seller Gift USB Flash Drive Stores for $ 12.98.


6. Magnetic plug and charging data cable

Micro USB / iPhone magnetic plug and charging data cable, the charging data cable can be through the magnet, USB and iPhone interface conversion. The product is rated 4.8 stars on a quick sell and has 1460 votes at $ 4.99 for the seller’s E-Accessories Store.


7. Anatomically Correct Heart Necklace

This heart pendant necklace pendant shape similar to human heart, there are blood vessels and so on. The product has an average rating of 4.8 stars, with 946 votes, priced at $ 0.71, provided by the seller Simshion Store.


8. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Opener

The opener looks like the the Millennium Falcon in “Star Wars” series of movies, it is rated on the sale of 4.8 stars, 600 votes. The price is $ 1.99, provided by the seller Shop805977.

9. Bed sheets with lovely pattern

The bed sheet is rated 4.8 stars on a quick sell, with 530 votes for $ 30.96, provided by the seller’s Dream NS Store. The store has more than 20 kinds of designs for consumers to choose from, including lovely watermelon and whale patterns.

10. Decompression cube

The decompression cube has fast sell through the average rating of 4.6 stars, there are 1487 votes. The product is priced at $ 4.97 and is supplied by the seller Loyuday. The decompression cube can press the switch, gear rotation, and a small joystick. You can not stop down the fingers to kill boring time.


11. Cigarette lighter

The cigarette lighter in the quick sell on the average rating of 4.2 stars, there are 1264 votes, priced at $ 1.37, provided by the seller Rand Technology. With a cigarette lighter lighter, does it very awesome?


The above are the top11 hot sale goods on Aliexpress, please feel free to contact JFBees if you would like to source goods from Alibaba Aliexpress 1688 and other online platforms in China.

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