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FBA settings for goods shipping from China to Amazon warehouse

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Most goods sell on Amazon via FBA except small part of goods delivered by sellers themselves although Amazon FBA cost more than self delivery. However, Amazon FBA listing price is usually higher than self delivery and Amazon listing rank is one of the most important reason that many sellers use Amazon FBA service. If you are new to import goods from China and ship to Amazon FBA warehouse, you can take a look the Amazon FBA settings for goods shipping from China.

  1. Login Amazon service page and click Fulfillment by Amazon, fill in company name and tick to agree Amazon FBA terms of service then select Amazon FBA service.
  2. Login Amazon seller dashboard, tick the goods you are going to ship from China to Amazon warehouse in the inventory page, Select “Change Fulfillment by Amazon”, the goods selected will be switched to FBA inventory. If you want to let buyer see your products and you still have stock in China or overseas warehouse during this period, you can switch the FBA inventory back, after that you need to set the stock quantity. You can also search product SKU in the dashboard if you haven’t switch back the FBA inventory listings in the inventory page, then you can set the stock quantity in the search results.
  3. Send/Replenish Inventory. When you operate goods ship from China to Amazon FBA warehouse, the first step is to set quantity, you can input goods quantity under unit. You need to input product packaging size if you haven’t input it when upload products information. There are 2 packing types, individual products and case packed products. Individual products means mixed packing which includes multiple product SKUs, case packed products means the same product and same SKU in a carton box.
  4. The 2nd step is preparing products. There has a hint in Amazon page, seller should ensure product SKU and quantity consistent with the SKU and quantity on the listing, which means you need to confirm the SKU types and quantity respectively to ensure shipping goods correctly from China.
  5. The 3rd step is label products. You should select labeled by Amazon or by yourself in the dashbaord. If you label yourself you can select Merchant under who labels and select the label paper with corresponding specifications to print labels.
  6. The 4th step is to review shipments. There you can see your products will be distributed to which Amazon warehouse. Each shipment name stands for one warehouse and you can see how many products stocked in that warehouse. You need to click Work on shipment to continue operation.
  7. The 5th step is Prepare shipment. You can choose shipping method and shipping carrier in the shipping service page, usually goods weight around 60kg can select small parcel delivery (SPD). In addition, you can select UPS shipping under shipping carrier but we suggest you select other to have more flexible shipping options. Shipping labels are the labels on product carton box, it needs to be printed and stick to the carton box after goods being packed.
  8. The 6th step is the summary. You can fill tracking number when products shipped from China and mark as shipped.

When you start Amazon FBA business, there are also 3 tips:

  1. Goods should not involve infringement. It includes trademark infringement when you follow listing in other stores, also includes brands infringement and design patent infringement, appearance infringement and so on when you create listing.
  2. Product quality. If you delivery goods yourself you can communicate with clients when they do not satisfy goods quality, if you sell low quality goods via Amazon FBA it may have lots of return and negative reviews.
  3. Shipping from China to Amazon FBA. When you prepare goods shipping from China to Amazon FBA, you should select cheapest way shipping from China to Amazon warehouse based on goods weight, volume and delivery time. Courier is the fastest way shipping from China to Amazon warehouse, air delivery is usually cheaper than international courier like DHL, UPS and FedEx, if you ship goods with high volume, sea shipping is the cheapest. You can select different shipping way to effectively lower down the cost shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouse.
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