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Which is the best platform among Amazon EBay Aliexpress and Wish?

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There are lots of similar questions on Quora ask about how to choose the best platform among Amazon EBay Aliexpress and Wish. What’s the main different between them? All these 4 platforms can be registered as individuals before, but it is suggested that registered as an enterprise, which is in line with the trend of the development on the platforms which requires seller with certain ability at least you should have a business.

Platform fee 

I summarized the maximized platform fee of Amazon EBay Aliexpress and Wish. Among them, Aliexpress charges the most but it can be returned when your sales amount reached certain standard. Each site fee of Amazon is different, Amazon USA, Japan and EU charges different fee, but no big different between the fee rates. EBay platform charges a lot although it listed very few, you will be deducted by many circumstance. Base on the platform fee, EBay charges the most, Wish is free.

EBay store divides into primary, intermediate and senior 3 grades. The primary store charges $24.99, you can upload 250 fixed price listings and 250 auction listings. Extra listing will be charge $0.2 and $0.25 each respectively. Intermediate and senior stores can be referenced according to the table. In addition to the cost, there are functional costs on EBay, such as you upload a product, if you want to add special features, such as when the mouse is placed in the title picture, there are some special effects, such as thickening function. If you set it for 1 or 3 days, then it will be charged. Of course, after you edit a product, there will be a price preview; you can pay attention on the cost.

Amazon, EBay, Aliexpress and Wish charge different commissions on each order. EBay store charges 9.15%, different goods category charges different commission rates. Aliexpress charges the smallest.

 Withdrawal cycle

Aliexpress fastest withdraw cycle is 3 days which based on store credits. EBay withdraw is also based on credits, sometimes it is instantaneous which means you can withdraw right after clients paid. Both Wish and Amazon withdraw cycle are 14 days.

Platform competition

We can evaluate based on registration threshold and operation. Aliexpress seller registration is only available for enterprise with trademark. So the Aliexpress platform competition is still pretty big, after all, it belongs to Ali group and only available for Chinese currently and easy to operate. Wish platform registration is relatively simple, the biggest difficulty is the need to find a local newspaper, the registration threshold is very low. Background operation is also simple with 3rd party ERP software to batch upload products. Registration and operation thresholds are low.  Companies register on EBay currently need 90 days water and electricity bills, the threshold is a little higher; it takes at least 2 weeks to register an EBay account. EBay dashboard operations are relatively simple.

Amazon seller account is the most difficult to register, you need to provide water and electricity bill and even public bank account bills if you want to register on Amazon. And also need the second verification in United States. It takes at least one month. Amazon seller dashboard operation isn’t difficult; you can operate in 1 to 2 days.

Platform invest

The platform invest should be the most concern buy small sellers. If you want to start business on Amazon, you must have Amazon FBA account and stock goods on Amazon warehouse. So Amazon invested the most funds. Aliexpress, Wish and EBay are mainly deliver goods by seller. Of course, some companies start to rent warehouse in different countries. The cost is relatively small than Amazon FBA.

Platform operation

Amazon is based on hot sale goods mode which means there are a few products listings, Amazon has no shop concept, and there is no category weight that you can upload any product in your shop. Of course, some categories need to be reviewed. Amazon is a platform for intensive marketing, the conversion rate is the highest of the four platforms, and the profit is the highest.

Ebay, Aliexpress and Wish are needed to upload products widely. EBay and Wish can also be on a lot of different categories of products, while Aliexpress is not the same. You can only upload goods on the category you selected. We may need upload many goods at the beginning then maintain carefully for the hot sale goods later.

From the above 5 aspects you may have a brief idea which is the best platform suitable for you among Amazon, EBay, Aliexpress and Wish. You are welcome to contact JFBees if you need import goods from China to deliver to your clients overseas.

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