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18 Hot sale baby products on Amazon and EBay

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The baby products are not only need to be safe but also need to be cheap for parents. There are 18 strange baby supplies hot sale on Amazon and EBay platform, they can help mothers solve a lot of problems can not imagine. However, you can also get them in China 1688 and taobao with much lower price.

  1. Baby whale urinals

Mother can use this whale urinal to teach the boy to the toilet. A small water tank installed in the pool can help children concentrate. The wholes price is only 26 yuan/pcs on 1688.

2. Leakproof water cup


The leakproof water up has no rim, when baby is thirsty he/she can drink at the top without leak water, once baby stop drinking the cup will be closed automatically. It costs less than 60 yuan on Taobao.

3. Nipple Thermometer

The oral thermometer is generally more accurate, and nipple design can make the measurement process more smoothly.  It is only 68yuan on Taobao.

4. Mildew proof bathroom toy storage bag

The storage bag is not only hold all kinds of bathroom toys, and can also lay down the bath for children. It is clean and sanitary. It is available on taobao for 9.9 yuan.

5. Shampoo irrigator


Shampooing is a terrible thing for children. The special shampoo irrigator can fit the child’s forehead and remove foam easily.  It is only 19.8 yuan on Taobao.

6.Baby milk powder punch

The machine smartly match milk powder and water ratio to make baby milk professionally, it is only 698 yuan on Taobao.

7.Uterine bath tub

This tub similar to the womb soothes both the child and the safety. Apply to a baby within 35 pounds. It is available on taobao for only 30 yuan.

8. Multifunctional baby pillow

It is a great tool for mami to change diapers, put a small pillow on the waist, to attract his attention, let the diaper exchange more smoothly. It’s 69 yuan on Taobao.

9. Injection analgesia device

The double wing of the bee is actually an ice pack that can help your baby feel less pain while the shape of the cartoon can also attract the baby’s attention.

10. Toy nipple clip

The clip is to prevent the child to throw the nipple, cute plush toys can be placed in the stroller, car seat common place pacifier.

11. Sleeping bag blanket

The sleeping bag blankets could really help a new mother if she can’t pack his kids in blankets.

12. Universal nipple


This universal nipple can turn most of the water bottles into baby bottles.

13.  Whale faucet

The whale rubber perfectly wrap the faucet to protect the child slipped knock on it accidently.

14. Zipper free baby clothes

It could effectively prevent the zipper from clamping the child’s skin or hair.

15. Foldable baby bed

The folding bed gives the baby a relaxing sleep when mother sent her child to daycare.

16. Diaper straps

This diaper extension belt locks out dirt and avoids pooping the back and clothes of children.

17. Banana toothbrushes and molars

100% made of silicone gum,it is the child’s molar stick, but also let him/her fall in love with brush his/her teeth.

18. Baby buttock cream applicator

It keeps your hands clean while giving your child a more healthy hip cream and other plasters.

All these Amazon hot sale baby products are available on Taobao and 1688, you can group buy via JFBees to get more favorible discount.

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