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How to calculate international courier fee for goods shipping from China

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If you buy and ship goods from China before you may have questions for the international courier fee. Why my package is 5kg weight while I paid for 8kg? Am I being over charged? Why I have to choose more expensive courier service like EMS and DHL while there has cheaper shipping rates available? Am I being cheated by the Chinese forward shipping agent? It may happen to some small agents but professional shipping agent will never intend to cheat clients via those small tricks. As a client, you should be aware of how to calculate international courier fee and the advantages disadvantages of the international express companies then you can compare to select the cheapest way shipping from China.

5 elements affect international courier fee

The international shipping fee is mainly related to the following 5 factors, there are goods type, weight, volume, destination country and delivery time.

Goods type

Usually the goods name can be divided into general goods, sensitive goods and prohibited goods. As the name suggested, general goods is the ordinary goods can be shipped by any courier, prohibited goods is the goods prohibited by law, the sensitive goods stand between general and prohibited goods which need to be shipped by certain courier service or lines.

The general goods can be shipped by any international courier service, however, the sensitive goods can only be shipped via certain courier service and it may have potential risk during customs clearance. The prohibited goods will be rejected directly by the shipping agent. So you need to confirm your goods name and type before buying and shipping to save your time and money.

What kind of goods belongs to sensitive and prohibited goods?

Prohibited goods include

1. Explosive, flammable, corrosive, toxic, highly acidic and radioactive, such as detonators, gunpowder, firecrackers, gasoline, alcohol, kerosene, oil, raw lacquers, matches, pesticides, etc. All chemical products included in the chemical industry and dangerous goods;

2. Narcotic drugs and psychiatric items such as opium, morphine, cocaine (high root), etc .; national laws prohibit the circulation or delivery of items such as arms, national or foreign currency;

3. Easy rotten items, all kinds of live animals (such as fresh fish, fresh meat, etc.);

4. Obstruction of public health items, such as bones (including incineration of the bones), animal skins bones without processed etc.;

5. Political or porn newspapers, books and flyers;

Some of the items listed above or with the nature of the items are prohibited items, such items absolutely are illegal to shipping from China.

Sensitive goods

The sensitive goods definition is a little complicated. It mainly include

1. Battery goods, the battery will affect the magnetic field to a certain extent which will interfere with aviation safety, it belongs to aviation restrictions items, but not belongs to prohibited goods, it can be shipped but need for special procedures and certain courier service;

2. Liquid, paste, powder and other unstable items, such items in the air shipping process is extremely easy to vaporize, heat to produce physical explosion, which also belong to the aviation restricted transport items;

3. All kinds of brand items, luxury goods, such items involving infringement and other legal disputes. Goods havent mark made in China and brands are legal infringing items;

4. Magnetic goods, with magnetic objects in the high-speed flight is easy to produce electromagnetic waves, or their own magnetic field will interfere with the magnetic field of aviation signals;

5. All kinds of food, drugs, etc., such items involving biological invasion, international transport need to go through quarantine certificate, if not quarantine certificate may be sensitive goods;

6. CDs, VCDs, photocopies, films, photographs, records, videos, tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items that are harmful to international political, economic, cultural or cultural matters;

7. Gold and silver, precious works of art, valuables easily lead to theft, theft, robbery and so on.

Other goods except prohibited and sensitive goods are general goods.

Goods weight

It isn’t hard to understand the relationship between goods weight and international shipping fee, the goods weight includes goods weight and packaging weight, the more heavier goods, the higher international shipping cost. The international courier service usually charges based on per 0.5kg, goods weight 0.9kg, 1.6kg will be charged as 1kg and 2kg. The international courier service charges for first weight and continue weight, and the first weight is usually 4 to 5 times as the continue weight, which is why the light weight goods shipping is expensive. For example, SF international charges first weight is 100 yuan, continue weight is 20 yuan for goods shipping from China to USA. Then it charges 140 yuan for a 1.5kg weight package.

Goods volume

When calculate shipping fee the international courier will compare goods weight and volume and select the bigger one as the shipping weight. The goods volume weight calculate formula is length(cm)*width*height/5000(JFbees line deals 6000). Usually the courier measure packaging box length, width and height of the regular package box to calculate volume, for the irregular packaging the courier will select the protruding part of each surface to measure and calculate volume, please check the volume measure video for better understanding.

Destination country

The shipping destination countries have a direct relationship with the courier shipping rates, the international express companies usually calculate the freight rates in accordance with the distance between destination country and China. Why some Central Asian countries and China are very close, but the freight rate is higher than goods shipping from China to the United States? This is related to the volume of the goods shipping from China to every country, The shipping volume from China to the United States is relatively bigger than other countries, the freight costs are relatively low and competitive, it is not difficult to understand why the country is near China but the high freight rates is high. Thus, line deals from China to those countries would be more affordable.

Delivery time

The International courier delivery time is proportional to the shipping fee, the faster delivery the higher shipping fee. You can choose more economical way to ship parcels from China if you have no delivery time requirements.

JFbees volume measure standard

JFBees warehouse applied precision laser measuring instruments for volume measurement, the irregular packages volume measure is more accurate compared to manual measurement.

How to save international shipping fee

The international shipping fee is mainly decided by goods type, weight volume and courier service, according to goods type and destination country each international courier has their own advantages and disadvantages,

Pros and Cons of DHL EMS UPS FedEx TNT shipping from China

Once you know the goods you are planning to ship and courier well, you can easily to choose the right courier to save international shipping fee.

JFBees mainly focuses on goods weight volume and shipping lines to help you save cost for goods shipping from China.

JFBees warehouse could help you remove unnecessary packaging and consolidate packing multiple parcels into big one to help you save weight and volume. In addition, JFBees has multiple international courier lines and line deals for goods shipping from China which you can estimate shipping cost via and consult with customer service for the cheapest way shipping from China.

International shipping fee dispute procedure

What you can do once you received parcels and you are doubt the shipping fee charged by JFbees? Don’t worry, you can dispute by the following process.

1. Manually measure the package weight before unpacking by rule and electronic scales, and take photos;
2. Compare with the volume and weight on the waybill and take photos;
3. Contact JFBees customer service;
4. Confirm JFBees warehouse measure video and data;

If there has weight difference and JFBees warehouse confirmed weight and volume error, customer service will help you refund the difference part and we will also compensate for the mistake.

Do you know how to calculate international shipping fee and how to select the cheapest way for goods shipping from China now? You can contact JFBees customer service if you have any questions.

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