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Why foreigner students love taobao


Though I live and work in China, I always try to return to the UK to spend Christmas with my family. That means I need do my Christmas shopping in China. I really enjoy trying to get gifts with a bit of Chinese character, things connected to Chinese culture, which they couldn’t see or find back home. That used to be really tough for me. I don’t have a car to travel to places outside of Beijing, I don’t recognize local craftsmen…

So I used to end up going to the Silk Market in Beijing — which I hated but didn’t know what else to do. It felt like most things there were fake, or poor quality, and because everyone thought I was a tourist they would try to charge me ridiculous prices. I’ve never liked bargaining, and it annoys me when people are trying to charge me much more than something is worth.

Now — I Taobao, and it’s so much better.

I can look for things at my leisure, I can look at photos and read up on the products, it’s much easier to learn about the history or significance of the things I’m buying. So far I’ve bought pieces of jewelry, porcelain, silk scarves, and more. I know none is antique but you can see more information about where things are from, and the prices are transparent.

Best of all, I can send a Taobao link to a Chinese friend for a second opinion — they can tell me if something looks good, is over-priced, or not worth buying. Everything is just so much better. I haven’t been to the silk market or other tourist shops in years and I’m loving it.


In the UK, I tend not to shop online too much. Delivery is too slow and expensive… But in China, more and more, I’m learning that I shouldn’t even waste time going to the shops — I should just go straight to Taobao.

A few weeks ago some light bulbs broke in my house. I wanted to fix them that night so I went straight to the shop (Xiaomaibu) in our community. They only had bulbs with the big size heads, so I walked to another store, they had the right size heads but only white LEDs in an ugly box from a no-name brand. So I tried a third store — they too only had bright white from a no-name brand.

In frustration I bought 5 bulbs, together costing almost 100 RMB and took them home. Upon trying them, I found two didn’t work, and the other three gave out such an ugly artificial white light I just didn’t want to use them.

So I did what I should have done in the first place. I pulled out my iPhone, I went on TMall, chose a Beijing seller for speed, and bought 5 soft-yellow Phillips bulbs. They arrived within a couple of days, all worked perfectly and were significantly cheaper than the rubbish I bought from the Xiaomaibu. Next time, I’m going straight to Taobao.


I have a bit of guilty pleasure for buying much more audio equipment than I need. I’ve got more sets of over-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, speakers, DACs, and more — almost more than I can even remember.

Because China prices can be expensive, I used to wait until I was back in the UK to buy everything. But now with Taobao Daigou I don’t need to.

I’ve bought Western brands like B&O and Seinheisser at good prices. But even better, Taobao is allowing me to explore brands it would be a lot harder and more expensive to buy back home.

I’ve bought rare Japan-only headsets, and am getting into awesome Chinese brands (like SoundMagic, Oppo, and HiFi Man) that none of my friends from back home have ever heard of.

Taobao has become a method not just to buy but to explore a passion. That’s the main reason I and many foreigner students in China love shopping on Taobao.

You can order on Taobao via Taobao agent for anything you interested in Taobao.

TaobaoGuides agent service reviews by clients


TaobaoGuides is new in the english Taobao agent business but we have more than 8 years experience serve overseas Chinese and students and earned pretty well reputation and hundreds of thousands positive reviews on our Taobao store and Sina Weibo. If you know Chinese well you can check Chinese reviews on and You will be impressed by the clients reviews.

We’d also like to share foreigner reviews about our shipping service for more potential overseas clients, all of them are real reviews on 3rd party websites and social networks.

[Reviews] Bape Jackets and New Shipping Agent That Takes PayPal

Here’s the pictures.

SHIPPING: The agent I use is /u/TaobaoGuides. I was thinking of doing another haul, 8 items kind of shit. As I was about to go to Basetao to place the order, I bump into /u/TaobaoGuides low key self-promoting comment. The word “no service fee” caught my eyes. It can’t be true, it can’t be right, must be a bait. So I click on his profile, do some detective works, Sherlock Holmes with the wooden pipe type of shit. He seems reputable, figure I hit him up and get some information out of him. We exchanged email back and forth for a few days, he respond pretty fast with an English that’s almost fluent. He don’t even add in the word “friend” at the end of every sentence, God blesses this man. After a dozen of exchange, we move onto WeChat since it’d be faster to communication via that, and another round of back and forth exchange then I decided to test him out because, why not? I placed an order of 8 items, I don’t recall the total cost but he quotes me 456 for the items, paid via PayPal Good & Service. Fast forward a few days, the item arrived at his warehouse, he sent me them QC photo that I didn’t even bother look at. The shit weight like 7.86 or some shit, I don’t remember the exactly amount so let just round it up to 8KG. He quotes me 90 on the shipping, I’m like cool and paid. Fast forward a week or so later, I was curious if $90 is really the right price for 8KG or not, could it been lesser? I go on BaseTao to see what they’d quote me at, the outcome is like 106 USD, so it’s like 110 or more with their recharged system. I’m like damn, I didn’t get rip off, this man just saved me some money. I like that. I haven’t even look at BaseTao the same ever since, ain’t coming back there either.

TL;DR . 8 items that cost 456 USD, weight around 8KG, and shipped via DHL for $90. The agent takes PayPal as payment method.

Don’t fuck with BaseTao, fuck with /u/TaobaoGuides for your China shopping agent.

Product: The jackets are size XL, fit more like a L. The flaws is pretty much the same one that people been pointing out. I don’t feel like writing it out when there are people that been repeating for numerous time now, do your research. By far, this probably is the closet to the authentic you’ll ever get. The zippers are YKK if that helps.

[REVIEW]Mango’s Bred 11s and a new shipping agent

Here are the pictures first:

SHIPPING: My agent, theone, made everything so easy. Initially, I wasn’t even gonna buy the shoes because Taobao was declining my cards and I just had a headache from trying to buy these. Shit, I even asked reddit on how tf do I buy from Mango. Then Theone contacted me on reddit and I set up a group chat with me, theone, Mango, and Monica (mango’s sister). Those mfers started going off in Chinese and sorted that shit out fast as fuck.

Theone sent me a paypal address and I just paid with paypal. I was initially skeptical of sending money, but since it was paypal, I could always file a dispute and get my money back. He sent me QC pics and then gave me tracking number. I got my shoes and here we are. His agency is called taobaoguides and they’ve actually been working in China for 7 years and have just started moving towards English speaking customers. Right now, they don’t charge any agent fees, only shipping. So I would really take advantage of this right now.

Theone’s wechat: loveforever_1216
Mango’s wechat: flameyes
Monica’s wechat: mangofamilyshoes

I recommend just putting all those mfers in a group chat and tell them what you want and let them sort the rest of the shit out. I’m honestly so glad I found theone, he’s such a great agent. 100% fast communication during the whole process.

QUALITY: These are probably some of the best bred 11 reps I have ever seen. Everything is pretty much on point. The jumpman ball is between the 2 and 3, the soles are nice and on point, the toebox has the milky, translucent overlap. The 23 looks wide in the pictures for some reason, but it’s actually the right width. It’s not pancaked like other reps. The only flaws I see is that there isn’t actually carbon fiber and that the toe box is a tad bit bulky on the left. But that’s just nitpicking at that point. You seriously cannot tell the difference between this and retail unless you touch the carbon fiber.

COMFORT: I mean, I’m not wearing this for comfort. That being said, it’s pretty comfortable. I haven’t worn in for hours on end, but it did slip on nice and cozy.

SIZING: Truly fits perfectly. Don’t go up or down by even a half.

CONCLUSION: You guys probably think I was paid by Theone because of the praise, but seriously, I fucking love him. You can see frustrated I was with the whole process here:

Anyway, great shoes, great shipping, affordable prices. I got these shoes for $125 shipped.

[Review] Agent Taobaoguides

What’s up ninjas!

First of all, I didnt get paid to do this shit (I wish), but I think it’s my duty to review /u/TaobaoGuides :3

I bump into TaobaoGuides after I had some shit going on with Ddb you can see it here: Fuck EMS

I got a dm, which said that I should check out TaobaoGuides. So I did. Added him on Whatsapp, and tried to get some Information.

It turned out that they are a big company. Being the biggest forwarder shipping agent on taobao (showed me their taobao site; 4 crowns and shit) having over 50 employees. They are trying to expand to the west, so you don’t have to pay service fees at the moment. You are able to choose the delivery agent, which is fucking nice. Ddb just let me choose EMS, and they fucked me over later on.. I’ve paid 67 dollars for 2x 2kg packages and it came 3 days later with DHL Express, smooth. Had to pay some taxes, but it wasn’t that much. After I told them, that I had to pay taxes, they gave me a discount on my next order.

Communication is great. His english is better than mine, lol. He’s using Whatsapp and WeChat, so if you have questions you’ll get almost immediately an answer. Moreover you get QC pics, I didn’t even ask for any, but it’s a nice service.

His Wechat or whatsapp +86 18665082185

My package contained Lins 699 triple white ultra boosts, yellow bape shark hoodie, supreme stickers, supreme keychain, y-3 belt, bape bag, palace 16ss tri-smuged t-shirt (UNHS).

If you want, I’ll write a review about my pick up,too

Have a nice daycunts.

[REVIEW] A Review of ★★★★☆


Hey guys! Long time fashionreps poster/seller here and I decided to crawl out of the pile of reps to post a review about

So I had been using basetao for a while and my chinese roommate told me about how english agents make crazy amounts of money off of recharging accounts and shipping at shitty prices. He helped me browse taobao for some agents and I decided to pick jfchinese. The whole process was surprisingly easy!

I contacted them on skype and they seemed pretty legit so I decided to set up an order. I’ll give you a step by step process on how it went.

I registered on to receive my personal address for taobao orders

1. I asked them for a price estimate on the shipping (220 yuan to the US with EMS, 4kg)

2. Once I had my address set up I only had to start ordering directly on taobao (no recharging!)

3. I ordered my items on taobao and set the address as my personal warehouse one.

4. I wanted QC so I simply asked them on skype and it was no problem, so they’d take pictures for me when it arrived.

5. The items arrived in my personal warehouse and I could see them listed on the warehouse page on their website.

6. Once I had QC’d all my items and checked that the weight was OK I decided to ship.

7. They gave me the shipping price and sent me a link to a taobao item that cost 1 yuan and you choose the amount to match the price of your shipping.

8. A swift conformation of shipping and payment: my package was off!

9. 4 days later, my package shows up nicely packed and no damage!

Now, they arent perfect but they definitely made up for it. When they sent me my package I was missing a vetements hoodie that was supposed to be shipped with the haul. I contacted them on skype and they said that they’ll send me the hoodie with DHL for free (!).

Thanks for reading! I hope you find it as easy for me to set this up. If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them.

In the past 8 years, we’ve been the best Taobao shipping agent for overseas Chinese, from now on we aiming at the best Taobao agent for foreigners, we believe more clients will benefit from our excellent service and we will get more positive reviews and business in return, and we are pretty sure you are the next one who will choose and review our service, please feel free to contact us if you want to buy anything from Chinese online shopping websites.

Why is Supreme so hot on Taobao? Get know before you wear


Once Supreme launches new arrival, it must be speared through out Facebook, Twitter and other social medias. In China, there countless resellers selling Supreme on Taobao or Wechat. What makes a Western brand so famous and popular in China? Its popularity even lets a man who don’t know fashion well to point out his brand and name.


The reasons why Supreme so hot are easy to find. In fact, this is relevant to the enterprise culture, brand history, and of course its marketing approach. Supreme has been running 22 years since 1994 born in New York Manhattan.

Please know about James Jebbia before you wear Supreme.

Its founder James Jebbia, however he isn’t a fashion designer, he loves skateboard and the culture about skateboard. Actually, Supreme this name was from a skateboard brand.

James Jebbia founded Supreme in April 1994, and opened its first store in the SOHO area in New York. Influenced by 《i-D》when he was a child, James was interested in popular culture and began to engage in related industries after having settled in USA. And then in 1989, he and his friend set up UNION NYC in SOHO area in New York, selling fashion clothing from England and from worldwide. After that, James met Sean Stussy, opened up their flagship store in SOHO, selling goods in Street Fashion topic.


The time James left Stussy, was the embryo of street culture, and was also the emergence of skateboard culture. While under these two main cultures, it made Jame opened a store selling skateboard and HIP HOP products, that was Supreme we now know well.

Supreme classic box logo was drawn from an artist

Those who like Supreme must know that its box logo is the highest holy of all its fans, and among them, white word with red bottom color is the most valuable. And the design inspiration of this crazy driving logo was drawn from an American artist Barbara Kruger. Her works are famous for innovation, she always choose controversial topics as the subject. In the meantime, she love combining images and texts, she is good at using contrast colors, mainly uses red and white, then make it into slogan with Futura Oblique font, which turn them into powerful art works. Combination of she is good at image, text, collage, and choose contrast great colour such as red, white, black and white photography and printing, then selects the Futura slogan Oblique font to make it, using the rich implication of strong image, attitude with sharp words power, show the most personal characteristics of work.


In these 22 years, as the trademark product, although box logo series has been selling and carving endlessly, the prize could be easily up to 300 dollars, especially the red, black and purple box, as they are simple, personalized, outstanding. However, many reseller can always catch up official promotions, and resell them on Taobao to Chinese Supreme fans.



Supreme is so powerful, it can be described as horrible. In 2013 Supreme joint THE NORTH FACE , and launched 3M reflective series, which led a large number of street brand members start to produce 3M reflective products. In the same year, Supreme launched a flower series, even affected Givenchy, sort of luxury brand like this.


Supreme has been sticking to its style, in addition to launching specific joint products in each season, it is more often to design products with social headline events or political satire.

Supreme can always joint some unexpected brands or characters or stars to launch products, and win a large number of following. NIKE, Vans, The North Face, Timberland, Levi ‘s, such brands are its partners.





Interesting is the founder James criticized the reselling phenomenon when he was in an interview in 2002, said that people was buying his products for making money but not for love in his brand. He also said he wanted to create a brand which was affordable for every young people.




As a fan of the street products, of course, is eager to have one piece of Supreme which is difficult to buy. However, its hunger marketing promotion method and purchasing time limit, purchasing quantity limit, is the main reason for the existence of reseller. It is difficult not to be popular for Supreme this time.


Stories about the first time when foreigners met Taboao


A Chinese college student whose foreign teacher is from Madagascar:

During the time of our grade one, the major commission of the class leaders is to help her translate, select goods, place orders, and pick up Taobao packages. Our Madagascan teacher had already bought for her families in Madagascar all the clothing and shoes. Just for herself, she bought over 20 colors for the same style pants. She loves herself looked different everyday in a month. Sure enough, it was because things are too cheap on Taboao.

A Korean student studying in China:

The first time I met Taobao, to be honest, nothing special, after all there are many online shopping websites in Korea. However, after I knew how to negotiate for free shipping, after I found a tempered film which just costs 9.9CNY, after I searched out some even sell excreta on Taobao, after I saw a seller came up with a war with his buyer who gave him a negative review, after I received cashback when I sent a screenshot of a positive comment to the seller, after all of these, I suddenly realized Taobao seems is not only a shopping website.

A German IT employee works in Shanghang:

Hello I’m German, and I want to give u a quick review how my first time with Taobao was…

The first time I heard of Taobao it sounded like the Chinese Amazon to me, to I expected to have an English website which I can use because Amazon is available in any language.

Quickly I figured out that the website is just in Chinese and I even have problems to signup and fill in my profile, so I gave up my first try. After asking a college to help me things where ready and I could even pay with my foreign credit card which was awesome at that time, all my other foreign college were always wondered how I was able to use Taobao. They always asked ‘how can you use a Chinese website without speaking Chinese?’

Trick for me was to translate the words in Google translate, for example if I wanted to buy milk then I translated milk to Chinese and searched it. Luckily the buying process in just 2 or 3 steps so its super easy even when you are not able to understand Chinese.

Where the problems starts: Returning products is a bit more effort and until today I avoid that.

That was my first order 🙂

Stories about the first time when foreigners met Taboao2

Today I buy way more on Taobao, because I have Alipay and that makes things even more convenient, the shipping is most of the time not that fast but its okey. In Germany Amazon also does not delivery so fast, so I’m used to that speed.

Feel free to ask me further questions.

A Chinese young guy:

I have a Canadian friend told me, the main reason for him not want to return to Canada is Taobao, because things in Canada are expensive and less to choose. He has a nickname that Taobao prince. He know Chinese well, every time he shops on Taobao, he definitely bargains with the seller. And once another friend of us told him that she spent hundreds of dollars on buying a PC camera from USA, the next days, he searched throughout Taobao, and found a similar PC camera which just costs dozens of Chinese yuan, when he received the camera, the camera seems no different from our friends’.

A Chinese foreign trade runner:

As a runner of foreign trade business, I know some tips to reduce shipping cost when ship things from China. Actually, foreign friends can find some freight agent, they have international transit centers, you can call that warehouse. Once you place orders on Taobao, just ship them to their warehouse, they will help you ship from China to your country. The price will much lower than normal and the delivery time is fast also. For example, shipping things bellow 2kg, they may suggest you to use EMS or DHL, the fee would within 150CNY( under the situation that without discount), and this shipping way will be faster(around 3-7 days, it might cost longer such as 15 days for remote countries). Most importantly, freight agent have shipping experience, they know how to avoid tariffs( but it still depends on your luck).

One more Chinese college kid:

We have a foreign teacher who is from France, he can speak and read fluent Chinese as he studied Chinese in Beijing University. That is to say there is no difficulties for him to shop on Taobao. When he first came to our university teaching students, many of us didn’t know him well. And then one day, he became famous among us because of Taobao.

The story went like this:

Each class when he finished all the teaching content, he would asked students to learn by themselves at the rest of time in the class. That day we were having a class in a computer classroom, each of us had a computer on the desk, and the computer for teacher to use was connected with all the computers in the class, all the students can see the sharing screen from the teacher. Then that day while we were studying by ourselves at the rest of the time, various types of Zhongshan shirts occurred on our screen, and there a mouse expertly choosing the shirts. It was the foreign teacher shopping on Taobao, he was so enjoyable that didn’t notice all of us were watching him shopping, and knowing his waistline.

Stories about the first time when foreigners met Taboao

China Taobao turns me into an online shopaholic


foreigners Taobao shopaholic

I am Andrea Figueiro, having been in Shanghai for nearly 1 year, now I am totally a Taobao shopaholic. I had never shopping online in addition to buy some movie tickets, everything changed since I came to China. I like to check, feel or try clothes or shoes especially expensive products. Otherwise they may become waste makes my wallet and heart heavily damaged.

However, I’ve bought more than 50 products on Taobao since I came in Shanghai. Big things, small things, cheap things, expensive things, daily necessities or stuff purely from a whim. I bought everything as long as you can name it on Taobao: portable heaters, steamer, laundry basket, sports shoes, chopping boards, tatami beds, duvets, pillows, wall clock, humidifiers and mouse. Recently I start to search some fashion skirts on Taobao.

Now I start to understand why China has became the world’s fastest growing online shopping supplier market ever since I click mouse to check the commodities on the shopping cart every night. According to reports, China has more than 450 million online shoppers which accounted number one in the world, China online shopping goods and services sales increased 20 times from 2008 to 2015 and is expected to continue to grow fastly.

The reason is simple. China online shopping sites are funny, cheap, facilitate and are extremely easy to become addicted to. Among the most popular online shopping sites in China, people can buy almost anything they need or want to buy. These online shopping websites are well organized and interconnected, so that shoppers can easily become addicted. Furthermore, the delivery speed is also very fast; usually people buy things at 11 am in the morning can be received 7 pm at night in the big cities. For online shoppers, this is a very good online shopping experience.

China’s online shopping is also cheaper, especially group buy products on Juhuasuan, a group buy website belongs to Taobao. On Taobao, I can always buy a pair of sports shoes at least 20% cheaper than the physical store. According to a survey of overseas institutions, more than 2/3 of electronic products are cheaper than the physical store in most categories. From computers to its accessories, such as HDMI data lines, the price is 30%-40% cheaper than the store. Shopping on Taobao is more meaningful for the foreigners who doesn’t familiar with the streets in Shanghai in case to getting lost. So far, in addition to a point gap on the edge of the casserole, almost all my online shopping goods are good qualities. But Taobao online shopping is not without any risk, you must remember to tear the receipt that comes with goods before throwing them out. It is reported that because buyers name and phone number and other personal information are printed on the receipt, online shoppers are easily to become the victim of illegal information collector.

In addition, Taobao online shopping in China is basically safe, reliable, simple and fast. With Taobao starts to expand its business in overseas markets like Singapore, New Zeeland and Australia, you will probably follow in my footsteps to become an online shopaholic. You have to be careful.

How Foreigners start business on Taobao


Taobao has more than 8.5 million sellers with 1 billion products listed, it is the biggest C2C online shopping websites in China, not only Chinese people but also foreigners want to sell products and services on Taobao. It isn’t a joke that Taobao sellers has been all around the world, the foreigner stores in China and oversea Chinese stores in the world are very popular. Two Frenchmen were happily running children’s clothing brand, an American youth opened the dessert, a Chinese girl create her own original brand in her kitchen in New York city…… Let’s see how foreigners running their business on Taobao.

The French candied fruit: when foreigners encounter Hutong Culture

The bib surface carefully stick a piece of small round orange towel can be wiped mouth; the lovely cherry appease towel, cotton blue fabric looks gentle and quiet; there are many chubby little hemisphere on the skirt, it’s a skirt with a lot of small buttons for baby to wear and play ……

baby bib Taobao

You will be surprised if these clever and authentic Chinese style children clothing designed by two French people. “The Bingtanghulu represent Beijing food culture very well, it gives me the impression that my life in Beijing.”Says Amelie, the founder of Tang Roulou taobao store(, it is a French brand full of Chinese elements. Each cloth includes a full of love of the Hutong culture by the designer.

Sakura napkin taobao

The two founders are not designers before establishing Tang Roulou. “We did not actually examine the trend of children’s clothing, but with the nature of tourism in China, looking for inspiration. In the tourism process, we saw a lot of construction, furniture, old crafts, clothes, embroidery etc. The Oriental culture is really abundant; we can get a lot inspiration from things around and those inspiration is on the edge of the road waiting for us.”Says another founder Pierre-Yves.

After the store sales, Amelie and Pierre-Yves turn it onto Taobao. One mother commented: “foreign designers concerned more about functionality on clothes with good mobility.” The most important thing is, the Tang Roulou won high recognition by the small customers: “a baby with 1 year and three months old, will refused to take off when wear it.”

An American Pie which is good at programming

It sounds full of surreal meaning when combine the two words Department of Computer Science at Stanford and Taobao bakery store together. And an American guy brings it into reality.

piehouse cup cake taobao

Mark Huetsch graduates from computer science department in Stanford, he learns western baking from childhood, founded a dessert store on Taobao with a Beijing girl Liang Wang: Piehouse ( “We love desserts, because it makes me happy. We insist that pleasure to lead our innovative products and services to every customer the best sweet experience.” Mark Huetsch wrote the brief description in his Taobao store.

Its inception, with pure taste, solid natural materials American pie, Piehouse quickly gained lots of fans. However, in addition to the most pure traditional desserts, Mark Huetsch also want to use creative and scientific design inspiration, make dreamming western desserts, and continually bring the latest popular dessert from New York to China.

Women’s clothing brand start from kitchen in New York

Taobao has both foreigners running business in China and Chinese designers living overseas. Babyghost starts from the kitchen in Net York (, It is not food, but a hot independent women’s brand on Taobao, and by liked by Liu Wen, Ju Xiaowen and other famous models. Its street style is very casual and wearable, it’s not fancy dress but helps people find their own personality.

babyghost women short jacket

“There has limited conditions at that time, I cannot afford a studio, so I started in the kitchen at the beginning.” Babyghost so by the Chinese girl Huang qiaorang and her partner Joshua.

Huang graduated from Fashion Design department in Donghua University, and then went to PARSONS in New York; she has internship and work experience with well-known clothing brands. “In the start-up time, the existing platform Taobao is very important to us, no geographical restrictions limit the time difference, and sales will be much easier. So we have set up shop on Taobao.”

babyghost women sweater

She bluntly, feedback from customers is the happiest thing. “Customers are very satisfied, many of them will wear our clothing take pictures and post on the web, for me, they can enjoy our clothing is my most fun thing, I believe that’s the same by any other designers.”

Foreigners launch these Taobao stores with unique personality, which is small but beautiful; they are not concerned about the big proposition of the western eastern theory, they just share the small world created by themselves with customers through Taobao platform.

Foreigners see China: Why people addict shopping on Taobao


Taobao dominated the C2C e-commerce business in China. The way of its success is very simple, and that is to build bridges between consumers, major manufacturers and big buyers around the world. From motors to blue jeans, companies can buy anything at this website. It attracts 450 million active buyers and 8 million sellers with an annual sales revenue 475 billion US dollars, Unlike the large inventories of Amazon, Taobao only play the service role of a middlemen and it uses credit incentives to encourage people to use and repeat shopping on its electronic business platforms, one of the main measures is no fee charge for small sellers.

Alibaba group Hangzhou

Alibaba group Hangzhou

Foreigners can take a look my online shopping experience to know how Taobao affects Chinese people’s daily life. A year ago I came to Beijing, my wife always told me to buy some electronic products, bathroom furniture and other household items. Walk through this heavy air polluted and particularly crowded city (Beijing has more than 22 million people) to buy these products that only available in different small shops, I am exhausted quickly. One day, my Chinese teacher asked me: “What are you looking for?” From then on, I started the wonderful shopping journey on Taobao.

The original Alibaba B2B mode now is living behind the B2C and C2C mode on its retail online shopping platform. According to statistics, online retail accounted for 80 percent of Alibaba’s revenue, while Taobao is the leader in the field. Taobao equals an evolutionary version of eBay (it beats ebay withdraw China in 2008), sell as many as more than 1 billion kinds of goods covers all the product categories in people’s daily life. There’s a famous saying, Taobao has everything beside the things you cannot imagine. For example, Consumers can buy Harvard University (Harvard University) E-mail address list for $ 390, rent a girlfriend for $ 130/day, buy a 3M industrial earplugs for $0.3, that thing is really fabulous supplies to ensure peace of mind to learn. TMall, another B2C online shopping websites belongs to Alibaba group, which is similar to Amazon, where you can buy cheap branded products, such as Nike, Unilever, L’Oreal etc.

It is hard to explain to my friends and family in United States how Taobao and other online shopping websites in China surpass the traditional shops (especially large retailer). In those cities and towns smaller than Beijing, large retailers are not available, people buy more things online, and Taobao is their first choice. Shopping on Amazon is simple which may contribute to shopping spree, but compared with Taobao, it is nothing, Taobao is also very easy to operate (as long as you understand Chinese, speak Chinese or have a Chinese friend), and most products are free shipping as well as pertinent comments of the products quality on the website.

The following is my recent shopping list on Taobao, generally the products can be delivered for free within 1~2 days later under the order in the big city. I am not a frequent buyer, because I have less skills browse Chinese websites, sometimes I need the help of my friends. When searching for my purchase history on my Chinese teacher (she helped my online shopping) of the iPad, usually I have one in every 10 records.

Online shopping list:

iPad cover: $4.6

Fake Kindle-branded cover: $7.5

Christmas napkin: $2.5

Money safe (China is still a cash-flow based country): $35.7

Toaster: $9.50

Coffee maker: $11.20

Plant fertilizer: $1.60

American brand Cat Food (my wife still does not trust Chinese brands): $15

Plastic vacuum tube (the tube used to replace bad parts with the same type): $1.64

Warm gloves: $3

Electric vehicle helmet: $12

Two-wheeled vehicle used to transporting 50lbs electric vehicle batteries: $4

Bicycle chain lock: $11.8

Electric fans: $9.5

Hepa Fan Filter: $22.90

The commitment Alibaba promised, as well as reasons investors to its valuation of $ 200 billion in its final analysis, in essence it is the network effects, more people join, more people shopping online, the more beneficial to everyone, including Alibaba itself.

Now Taobao are contributing efforts to solve the counterfeit products as it has huge argument worldwide, if consumers bought fake products on Taobao, do not worry, because the money paid to the seller in the custody of a third party until the consumer satisfaction only after the money will be transferred to the seller. If you are not satisfied, you can refund within 7 days after receipt.

Taobao has gone deep into the Chinese people’s daily life, Alibaba believes its sales revenue will be up to 1000 billion US dollars at the end of 2020. As Alibaba in its IPO application documents pointed out, China’s online shopping is still at a low level (49% of Chinese internet users shopping online, while the US share was 74%). Along with the shopping environments improves better and better, there will be more and more Chinese people and foreigner shopping online, Taobao will have more repeat buyers worldwide like me.

Now, I cannot imagine what my life would be without shopping on Taobao.

A French Taobao shopping story: Taobao almost derailed my life


It’s getting cold in Beijing in October and I have to equip myself for the harsh winter that awaits me. I asked a Chinese friend if she has some good advices where I can buy some clothes with reasonable prices. She replied without any doubts that shopping online is the right option for me. The shop sellers in Beijing often have European prices when they see strange foreigners. She advises me take a look After four minutes visiting on the site, I understand that Taobao shopping will be a revolution in my life.

French Taobao shopping story

I am speechless with huge products on Taobao. Quality fashion compared to those found in the well known clothing chain store only takes a quarter of the price. Coats ¥130 (€17) and shoes ¥ 60 (€7.80). I realize I’ve lost more than a decade of my life to buy over priced clothes and enrich the bosses of the big Western brands while Taobao is available in 2003.

From now it is possible for me to buy things at their true values by sharing Chinese laborious with a deserved profits. I find myself spontaneously to check the number of kilos allowed on my flight back to French! Beyond clothing, Taobao is a goldmine for electronic devices. One can, for example, find the Mac Book Pro, 13-inch in their original packing ¥ 5,000 (€650), Which the price in stores is ¥ 7,600 (€ 987).

What’s the secret? Apple sells only devices produced in the same year, while on Taobao it is possible to find the same machine from a non-stock product passed the previous year. I look for a few seconds to drop my academic ambitions to launch myself exclusively in importing Taobao products to French.

I tested how far the Chinese online shopping website can impress me by input “couscous” on the search bar. I came across several Pekingese contacts who can send me couscous in less than 2 hours. I thought I was dazzled, totally unbelievable.

Then I type “Algeria” and thinking it will display a “no results found” page. I am wrong. Apart from books on the country, several sports wear manufacturers offer suits the national team for ¥ 65 (€ 8.44). It is even possible to give his measurements and his name to receive a personalized jersey with the colors green, home delivery within 48 hours. All for ¥ 75 (€ 9.74). Which online shopping websites can be better?

China is undoubtedly the world’s factory and Taobao is the online shopping platform makes everything happen. No wonder Alibaba, the Chinese internet giant, owner of the Taobao online shopping site, has succeeded on 20 September to Wall Street, the largest IPO in history with a valuation estimated at over $ 226 billion . Greater than the value of Facebook, Amazon and eBay added. In the Land of Surprises …

I’ve been a month in China and not a day goes by that the country does not impress me. The transportation routes of the capital are huge and the Chinese are going very fast. The number of cycling is often greater than the number of pedestrians and there are almost as many Mc Donalds as skewers from street vendors. The Pekingese subway costs ¥ 2 (around € 0.25) each way, all zones and the safety device to access it is also beefy as the Algiers airport: Everything must go to the scanner before board the train. Another thing that surprises me is the existence of a nursery and a primary school in the middle of my university campus. Apparently, teachers, in addition to accommodation within the campus or nearby, also have the right to enroll their children in the nursery and primary to university. Structures of the communist era that resisted market opening. The merger between the two eras makes it so fascinating in China.

Okay, let’s go back to my pointview on Taobao. It is a wonderful thing for China foreigners shopping on Taobao, you will need:

1. Chinese language. If you know Chinese you will save lots of time to search and compare items listed on Taobao, and bargin with Taobao sellers more effectively;

2. A clear Taobao shopping mind. Taobao has hundreds of thousands search results, you will be out of mind after seeing the product photos and descriptions for a while;

3. An Alipay account. It is nessary to verify your bank account before shopping on Taobao. Check the tutorials here:;

4. To be patient. Most foreigners do not know how to search and compare items on Taobao, evaluate which price and Taobao sellers is more reasonable, so you need to be patient to select the items on Taobao;

5. Have a little more faith. I failed to buy the items I want for a few times on Taobao, but I never lost faith on searching quality products on Taobao stores, gradually I’m a very smart Taobaoer.

There are lots of Taobao online shopping tutorials on YouTube, you can take a look and starts to shopping on Taobao, I’m sure you will be impressed by these new lifestyle.


An American’s Taobao online shopping life in China


Along with more and more foreigners studing, working and living in China, more and more foreigner lifestyle have been affected by Taobao. They start to visit taobao website then buying everything on Taobao gradually. Here is the story about An American’s taobao online shopping life in China.

He Baoluo (Paul Huebner) came to China to study Chinese language and music after asuccessful career in Los Angeles teaching piano to mostly Chinese-American students. In 2003, he began studying in the summer at Liaoning University until he and his wife finally decided to move to Shenyang. More recently, he has attended classes at Dalian University of Finance and Economics. In addition to studying Chinese, he now studies guzheng and guqin and was honored to perform at a China 60th Birthday Concert in Dalian. The following is his Taobao online shopping story.

Foreigner's Taobao shopping life

In the last few years, I have bought so many things on Taobao that I have lost track. I am now a “4 heart” buyer and soon to graduate to “5 hearts” (a scoring system based on how many items you buy and reviews you write). Some of the things I have bought on Taobao were expensive and many of my Chinese friends were really shocked that I would use Taobao. I used Taobao to buy a rare and beautiful Guzheng made in Xi’an and later discovered that the sound was superior to those fresh from the factory, definitely an authentic Scarlet Bird zheng. I also used Taobao to buy an expensive coffee machine from Germany and although the process took a few weeks, the machine arrived at customs in Dalian triple wrapped and in perfect conditionand the seller quickly compensated me for the duty I had to pay, not to mention that the price was very good to begin with. When I traveled to Yunnan, I discovered how wonderful Yunnancoffee is, but paid a hefty price for a bag of beans in a tourist store in Dali. Returning home, I discovered I could buy the beans at a rock bottom price on Taobao and they were quickly shipped absolutely fresh from the factory. And the examples can go on and on…

You might think living in a foreign country means you will be a little lonely at times, but I most enjoy chatting online with the Taobao sellers and expecially enjoy the casual online language of Taobao. Of course, you have to be able to read and write Chinese, but not on a terribly high level if you have a good dictionary on your computer. I particularly like being called “Qin”亲, which is a very popluar online shopping word in China, especially when you communicate with Taobao sellers. It is an intimate title equare with “Dear” but don’t mistake with it.

Qin is an abbreviated form of dear which is a familiar greeting on Taobao. To go to the pay bill page is called shoppingcart, which is nearly the same with online shopping store overseas. Most people apply products express shipping delivery service because it will come to your door just like UPS. Your chats online can be quiteelaborate. The Taobao seller will spend a lot of time to explain size, color, usage, feature, qualities of the products etc. in hopes that you will eventually buy, and always in a very courteous manner. I have a young friend, who like me can be very indecisive in buying something on Taobao. He will go so far as to ask the seller what color they prefer and how many people are buying what item, etc.You can surely test the seller’s patience with all these questions. The more details you know, the more wise online shopping decision you will make.

All over China there are these wonderful people who have a little Taobao business that is often part time. According to my experience, the vast majority are very sincere and honest. When you chat online with the Taobao sellers, you maybe connecting with a computer in someone’s kitchen that is running 16 hours a day on a little table with a few boxes of items stacked in the corner of the kitchen. They are very proud of what they sell and very attentive to good service for their customers. The extra money they make often funds a family vacation or a new car.

I once bought an expensive computer from Taobao and the seller turned out to be living just down the street, so I was invited to pick it up at their home. Yes, there was the computer running in the kitchen while the woman of the house prepared dinner. She carefully loaded the Chinese service pack on to the computer and explained how to use it. I returned to buy some accessories and met her husband, a really friendly young couple who were very interested in what I was doing in Dalian. If I am very clever with my Chinese, sometimes Taobao people will not know I am a foreigner, but she guessed because my Chinese name is not commonly used by Chinese people. We had a wonderful time chatting in person this time, and I also wrote them a great review. By the way, the computer turned out to be the very best computer for studying Chinese I have ever owned!

Is it possible to have a real Taobao online shopping life? Maybe. You could spend hours online chatting with literally thousands of Taobao sellers and basking in their courteous attention. Then you could sit at home and wait for the express delivery guys and have a friendly chat with them. Better yet, when you are out they will call you and you can loudly explain that since you are away, please leave your package(s) with the property management office (Wu Ye) 物业 (a very commonly received cellphone call). In this way, others around you will surely know you are prosperous and every day very busy! Also, don’t forget that packages often come with unexpected free gifts that will liven up the day. I just received one that looks like a very wide portable marker that can go in your pocket like a pen. However, pop off the top and inside you find a small fork and spoon as well as a set of collapsible stainless chopsticks!

And isn’t having your own Taobao business a cornerstone of what some call the American dream? Aren’t all these independent Taobao sellers scattered over the country honestly selling products and taking pride in their service and high numbers of good reviews so much like the small business America we are persuaded to think is uniquely American? I hope everyone will stop paying attention to the China bashing Western press. China in so many ways is just like America, a land of independence and self determination and Taobao truly represents a kind of American Dream with Chinese characteristics!

If you read the Western press much, you will get a very distorted view of what Taobao online shopping is really like. The average foreigner will probably assume that there are fake and imitation brand products on Taobao everywhere, that daily life is highly regulated, and that most of what you shopping on Taobao is substandard and fake. You might find it strange that in fact, you can buy lots of pretty good quality products at lower price on Taobao, that there is a very large majority of honest workers and business people, that you can purchase thousands of high quality and authentic products here, and that the so-called American dream is actually at the moment more alive and well in China than in America!

A simple way to describe what Taobao would be to say it’s the Chinese equivalent of or better, buying online with Chinese characteristics, frankly speaking, no matter its technology or volumn is far more bigger than any other online shopping website over the world. The old school of thought here in China is that it is dangerous to shopping online, that the products are all fake, and that you will often lose your money. Based on my Taobao online shopping experience, this manner of thinking is definitely “guoshi le” or out-of-date, Taobao has a system for reviewing sellers and helping you pick the responsible ones. The truth is more and more olderly people like me starts shopping on Taobao now, it is a wonderful lifestyle trend in China.

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